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THIS IS HOT!!! Top Premium News Spot

Press Releases Will Not Disappear Here!!!

Our Premium Press Release Position

Sooner or Later You May Need to Run a Press Release with the Biggest and Boldest Headline to tell the World

We are pleased to offer all qualified technology companies the most visible real estate position in Our Top Premium News position. ( see the area position just to the right of our logo)

This Top Premium News Spot will give your company a key marketing opportunity to post your press release and to reach our professional and influential technology audience - page after page after page throughout our entire website.

Q&A  - Top Premium News Spot (Position) posting in

QUESTION:  How do I post my Premium News Spot press release in

ANSWER:  First, you must submit your press release to us (No attachments) CUT and PASTE your release into your email page and send it to us via our Contact Us Link:

We will notify you via email within a few hours whether your release qualifies or not.

QUESTION:  Am I able to have hypertext links within the press release?

ANSWER:  Yes, but it must be submitted to us in the actual press release and we will keep them linked as you have presented them to us.

QUESTION:  What about adding a logo to our press release?

ANSWER: YES!  We can add your logo to your press release.  We just need the webpage address where the logo rests and the exact url logo link.

QUESTION:  Where will my release be displayed?

Just to the right of our logo in our Top Header position where an existing press release or banner ad currently rests.  This position will have your 8-11 word company headline displayed and linked back to your actual story.  This is a reserved far right position for our Top Premium News Spot and the banner will come down and be replaced with your press release headline linked back to your release on our website. (we will limit a maximum of 3 Enhanced Press Releases per day)

We will give your press release a "sticky postion" on our website.  This means your press release will have an additional promotional push to the top of a news category for one day.  Your release will stay in one of the top 3 news positions so your release will not be missed. 

Here is what you will receive:  You get a Top Header position on 98% of all FreshNews webpages AND a top level lead position in your selected posted news category for one day.

Your actual submitted press release will remain on our website for approximately 90 days or longer while the headline in the top header position  and the "sticky" will come down after 1 day.

QUESTION:  What is the cost of running in our Top Premium News Spot with FreshNews and what is the coverage?

ANSWER:  The cost is $35.00 per day or $75.00 for 3 days coverage.  All rates quoted are net and U.S. funds only.

  I am a tech company located in Germany can I purchase your Top Premium News Spot position?

ANSWER:  Sorry, we are only allowing U.S. based technology companies operating in the U.S.  We want to promote the U.S. technology industry since we are only covering the U.S. technology industry with our company news.

QUESTION:  How do I pay for the Top Premium News Spot posting?

ANSWER:   Once approved we will submit an invoice to you for the $35.00 via Pay Pal

QUESTION:    I am not a Pay Pal member.  Can I pay by credit card? 

ANSWER:  You do not have to be a Pay Pal member.  We just need the email address you want us to use to invoice you and then you can pay either by Pay Pal or ANY MAJOR CREDIT CARD.

QUESTION:  How long does it take before my release is posted?  And what is this "Enhanced Press Release" anyway?

ANSWER:  After receipt of payment we can have your release posted within a few hours.  The Premium News Spot position will spotlight your one line headline just to the right of our logo for one day and it will link back to your full release on our website.  In addition, we will give your story "sticky" positioning at the top of your selected news category for one day - that is ahead of other releases in your category of choice.  Your full press release will remain on our website for a minimum of 90 days.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

Don't need a high profile press release?


Larry St. John
Editor & Publisher

P.S. If you have a news category/categories choice let us know along with your State or States choices.  We retain the right to make the final editorial decision and placement.  Once approved we would like your press release cut and pasted onto an email and sent to us with no attachments. 

If you distribute this press release through any of our media partners:  Businesswire, PR Newswire or Marketwire there is a good chance your release is already posted on our website.  However, we do not guarantee that your release will be running on our website due to our parsing and filtering of their press releases.  Regardless, the cost for the Enhanced Press Release is outlined above in our posting rates and must be paid to FreshNews directly if you want to take advantage of our special offer.