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"Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is utilized by thousands of member companies and organizations to transmit their full-text news releases, regulatory filings, photos and other multimedia content to journalists, news media, trade publications, institutional and individual investors, financial information services, regulatory authorities, Internet portals, information web sites, business-to-business decision-makers and consumers worldwide. Business Wire's extensive news distribution network spans 150 countries and 45 languages. Complete regulatory news and filing services are provided in the US and Canada, as well as sanctioned regulatory services in markets throughout Europe. Business Wire has more than 30 bureaus worldwide, with locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia."

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PR Newswire is the world’s leading corporate news distribution network. We distribute news globally on behalf of over 40,000 customers, including many of the world's top companies and agencies, helping them take the latest news to the media, the investment community, and the general public.


Marketwire, a North America-based global newswire, delivers press releases, multimedia content, financial information and announcements for more than 8,000 public and private companies and non-profit organizations to the world’s media and financial communities.

With a reputation for technological innovation, Marketwire helps its clients maximize their news distribution effectiveness, giving them greater visibility for their brand and messages.

Journalists and media outlets can subscribe to news feeds from more than 140 industry and special-interest categories, much of which is enriched with social media links and dynamic video, photos and audio for visual interest and interactivity.

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