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UK Local Elections to Use Mitek Signature Validation to Authenticate Voters

Mitek Systems, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: MITK) (, a leading provider of image analytics and pattern recognition software, today announced that the company has signed a partnership with OPT2VOTE Ltd., a privately held UK-based company specializing in election delivery to local authorities across the United Kingdom.

Local elections are performed every year in the UK. However, recent legislation enacted by parliament has added a new dimension to the postal voting process which will change an age old process for many of the 400 Councils, and their staff that administer these elections. For the first time, absentee ballots will need to provide sample signatures and dates of birth, to enable electoral administrators to verify the authenticity of the absentee ballot at election time.

OPT2VOTE Ltd., a UK software vendor specialized in the delivery of managed services for elections recognized that this new legislation could enhance the delivery of their managed service in the UK. Seizing the opportunity, they turned to Mitek Systems for a key addition to their existing solution they market as Personal Identifier Management Solution.

"We performed an extensive evaluation of signature verification technologies, before selecting Mitek," said Mark Gillen, Director of Operations at OPT2VOTE. "The Mitek patented signature encoding and decoding technology has proven to be very accurate and extremely flexible for implementing voter authentication."

OPT2VOTE has integrated the Mitek SignProtect(TM) technology into their existing solution as well as their full service outsourced "managed services" offering. The Signature authentication will be featured as a key component of the absentee ballot processing system. Signatures will automatically be compared for authenticity prior to the count.

"OPT2VOTE has implemented our technology in an extremely elegant application," said James DeBello, CEO and President of Mitek Systems. "We are very pleased to see our products adding value to critical government processes. Contributing to a streamlined and secure voting process of local elections in the UK is a privilege."

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