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IBS Interprit Luanches IBS v6

IBS Interprit, a leading provider of customer care and billing solutions, today introduced IBS v6, a customer care and billing solution for convergent pay media operators. This release helps pay media operators to decrease time to market, decrease churn, increase the average revenue per user and decrease the total cost of ownership.

“As an experienced business support system provider, our goal was to provide a future proof solution that provided the functionality, scalability and flexibility needed in a competitive pay media market,” said Graham Ellis, senior vice president of business development. ”The configurability of IBS allows us to offer customized solutions for current and future needs of pay media operators in the multi-play space.”

“IBS v6 provides pay media operators a solution to manage the complete lifecycle of services, including customers, partners, hardware, invoices and sales leads. Making use of the latest technologies and design principles, IBS v6 is the solution to the four most common challenges faced by the industry; decrease time to market, decrease churn, increase the average revenue per user and decrease the total cost of ownership,” said Roland Smets, vice president of the product group. “With a single, flexible product catalog and configurable rules engine, pay media operators are better positioned to respond to competitive threats or proactively launch new services in hours/days rather than weeks/months.”

Built on service oriented architecture (SOA), IBS v6 features a loosely coupled environment. “This allows for easier integration with legacy systems, and allows for 3rd party business process management,” said Loefie Engelbrecht, vice president of technology.
IBS v6 Product Modules
• Product Management – Flexible module that enables operators to rapidly launch and capture revenue from new products and services. Allows for product bundling, a la carte pricing and price discounts.

• Billing & Accounts Receivable – Helps to manage bundled, pre- and post-paid, cross-product and multiple discounts, including 3rd party charges. The accounts receivable function can manage bank interfaces, invoicing and pricing.
• Customer Care – Provides customer service representatives a 360° view of a customer – history, invoices, current services and recent communications or offers.

• Product Provisioning – Highly configurable, this module ensures synchronization between products purchased and consumed, and delivers them in real time. Able to integrate with a variety of conditional access systems.

• Logistics Management – Tracks and manages all phases of the serial equipment lifecycle. Information such as warranties, deposits, purchase dates, repair history and current location can be tracked and stored in this module.

About IBS Interprit
IBS Interprit is a leading global provider of customer care and billing solutions to convergent pay media operators. With over fifteen years of experience, IBS Interprit helps pay media operators decrease time to market, decrease churn, increase the average revenue per user and decrease the total cost of ownership. IBS Interprit is based in Carlsbad, CA and is a division of MIH Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Naspers Limited (JSE:NPN). For more information visit http://www.ibsinterprit.com.
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