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CollabNet Presents Federal Agile Driven Seminar Featuring DISA

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BRISBANE, Calif., Dec. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

    When:        Thursday, December 5, 2013

    Where:       Washington Marriott Hotel at Metro Center

                 775 12th St. NW

                 Washington, DC 20001

    What:         This complimentary seminar will be fast-paced, informative and focus on
                  Agile and DevOps best practices from industry thought leaders. Not only
                  will participants have the opportunity to network with peers, but also
                  they will learn about the latest trends in enterprise software development
                  and how they can be applied to government.

                  Sessions will demonstrate how the DoD is evolving to become a leaner and
                  more efficient organization with the DISA program, purposely
                  built to help shape the future of Enterprise Information Technology across
                  the DoD. By leveraging Agile and Continuous Delivery software development
                  practices and software reuse, is saving millions of dollars by
                  encouraging efficient and effective behavior that enables collaboration
                  and cooperation of teams across the DoD enterprise. CollabNet and
                  Carahsoft will be sponsoring this event.

     Presenters: Laurence Sweeney, VP Enterprise Transformation, CollabNet

                 Agile Transformation - The Journey to DevOps

                 8:00 am - 9:00 am EST

                  Sweeney will provide a framework and practical blueprint for Agile
                  Transformation. Attendees will learn the five steps that help software
                  teams to deliver on their missions faster, while meeting their mandates
                  for quality, cost and compliance. The focus will be on how Agile practices
                  are core to the DevOps movement and will provide case studies from FT500.
                  The session is geared toward development managers and IT executives,
                  managing both individual projects and entire software portfolios.

                 KEYNOTE: Dan Gahafer, DISA Program Manager

                  DoD Community and Open Source Development, and Adoption of Cloud in
                  Development and Test

                 9:00 am - 10:00 am EST

         is part of a broad initiative by the DoD to promote efficiency
                  and collaboration for complex projects. This session will provide an
                  overview of's enterprise infrastructure and takes a look at the
                  challenges faced and problems solved, resulting in millions of dollars of
                  savings for the DoD.  Attendees will learn how has accelerated
                  project startups and increased the collaboration between project teams and
                  community members, helping them share software, ideas and techniques - all
                  while meeting governance requirements. Gahafer will provide information
                  about TestForge "milCloud," the platform used for Continuous Testing as a
                  Service, and how it has evolved as a critical component of Continuous
                  Delivery and encompasses the full-orchestration of diverse clouds at
                  DISA., and its underlying Cloud infrastructure, has been
                  instrumental in providing more rapid delivery of defense capabilities to
                  our warfighters.

                 Jeff Reynolds, DISA Community Team Member,

                 Software for the Networked Warfighter - Capabilities and Uses of

                 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST

         is a family of services, enabling the collaborative development
                  and use of open source, DoD community source and private software
                  projects. Since its inception, has grown to support the full
                  system lifecycle and to enable continuous collaboration among project
                  managers, developers, testers, certifiers, operators and users.  If you
                  are new to, Reynolds will show how it could be the right
                  platform for you. If you already use, learn more about its
                  exciting new and upcoming features.

                 Caleb Brown, Sr. Agile Engineer, CollabNet

                 Adoption or Adaptation: What "Agility" means in Government

                 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

                  "Agile" is often presented as the new magic that will make all of our
                  projects deliver on time and under budget.  But what is "Agile" really?
                  Can we even adopt it given our project constraints? Or must we adapt it to
                  meet our needs? Is that even possible? In this interactive session, Brown
                  will clearly describe what "Agile" is at a fundamental level and discuss
                  with the audience when and where it can (or cannot) be adopted.

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