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New Product Planning Teams Growth Levels are Highest in Five Years

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Portfolio size is a key driver in staffing new product planning (NPP) teams, according to recent research by Cutting Edge Information.

The research conducted for, “Pharmaceutical New Product Planning: Building the Framework for Brand Commercialization,” revealed that NPP teams at large pharmaceutical companies manage an average of 17.5 brands. Larger companies’ ability to support larger product pipelines contributed to some teams reporting a high number of brands supported.

New product planning teams at small and mid-sized companies currently manage slimmer portfolios and are not covering as many developing products. Smaller drug manufacturers report managing an average of 5.1 brands, ranging from 1 to 12 brands per company. The staffing levels in the report show a high correlation between the number of covered brands and new product planning team headcount.

The study found that new product planning teams consistently manage a fluctuating number of brands in their portfolios. And in some cases, portfolios fluctuate greatly. As a product reaches late-stage development and approaches launch, NPP teams must focus more attention and resources on its commercialization. But another key factor in NPP staffing is the number of products in each phase. Five products in Phase 1 may require the same new product planning attention as two products in Phase 3.

“Most companies studied reported a two to four brand difference between the minimum and maximum number of managed brands in the past five years,” said David Richardson, research manager at Cutting Edge Information. “In many cases, a company’s new product planning team is currently covering the highest number of brands in this five-year span.”

“Pharmaceutical New Product Planning: Building the Framework for Brand Commercialization,” ( features detailed data on new product planning teams’ early commercialization efforts including team structure and reporting lines, budgets and staffing—encompassing staff education levels, background and compensation metrics—and business development efforts. Additionally, this study is designed to help pharmaceutical companies:

  • Benchmark their resource allocation levels, including new product planning budgets and staffing.
  • Increase new product planning resources to support growing brand responsibilities as developing products move closer to launch.
  • Leverage new product planning teams’ scientific and commercial expertise and unbiased perspectives to support business development groups.

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