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Keepy(TM) expands to Android, bringing its unique Memory Playlist platform to more families

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NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Keepy(TM), an intergenerational platform that is redefining the way families share and save memories by allowing them to create a private Memory Playlist filled with photos, artwork, schoolwork, and mementos enhanced with audio and video commentary, today announced it has launched an Android version of its fast-growing free app along with several new features and an integration with Zazzle that offers printing capabilities on various products from wrapped canvas to postcards. Keepy launched its iOS app in September 2013 and has since grown its user base to more than 150,000 people in over 90 countries.

In response to user feedback, Keepy has introduced several new features both in the app and on its web platform that help families save memories in a unique way. When users upload a moment, such as a photo of their child's artwork or their first missing tooth, they can now add voice and text comments which are saved alongside that photo. This is in addition to the existing ability for extended family and loved ones to add video comments, a feature that has proven to be popular since Keepy launched. Adding voice, video and text creates a more meaningful, intergenerational memory around each moment saved. To help families organize their Memory Playlists, users can also now add category tags to each memory.

In response to the demand to turn priceless memories into tangible keepsakes, and just in time for holiday gift giving, Keepy has integrated with Zazzle to offer users and their loved ones the option to turn their favorite memories into special gifts such as mugs and smartphone cases. Now when you view a Memory Playlist, users and their loved ones see available photo gift options displayed below each moment and can easily click through to buy. To receive gifts by December 25, orders in the U.S. must be placed by December 20 with the selection of express shipping. Integrations with additional partners are planned for the Keepy platform in 2014.

Keepy was founded by Offir Gutezlon, who sold his previous company, PicScout, to Getty Images in 2011.

"Seeing how PicScout was on the verge of revolutionizing the photo content licensing industry, I was inspired to rethink my children's offline and online content and knew that the idea of Keepy and storing fleeting moments in a Memory Playlist you can keep forever would resonate with other parents," said Gutezlon. "Our rapid growth is a testament to our vision that parents everywhere need a tool for capturing the magic of childhood and providing a meaningful timeline of memories for their kids to have throughout their lives. We're excited to introduce Keepy to the large market of Android users and launch our first partner integration with Zazzle as the Keepy platform expands."

Keepy presents a fresh concept called the Memory Playlist which utilizes smartphone technology to capture the emotional portion of each moment with voice, video or text commentary. The platform redefines the way people are saving their memories and creates an emotional timeline for families. Keepy is focused on saving the content that is part of growing up: schoolwork, videos, photos, artwork and mementos. Parents can snap a photo of their kids' creations (a Keepy), name it, date it, label it with a tag, record their child telling the story behind it with the KeepyCam, and share it privately with "fans:" i.e grandparents, aunts, uncles and other loved ones. The fans can then admire it on the web, in an email or on their phone, and leave a video, voice or text reaction. The personalization of a child sharing highlights of a daytrip, or grandma's "gush," adds a richer, deeper dimension to the moment...making it a Keepy(TM).

Keepy recently announced it received $1.1 million in seed funding from a group of prominent angel investors.

About Keepy

Keepy is an intergenerational platform with a free app for iOS and Android that is redefining the way families share and save memories by allowing them to create a private Memory Playlist filled with photos, artwork, schoolwork, and mementos enhanced with audio and video commentary. Keepies can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the KeepyGallery, a community photolage.

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