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Sensible Vision’s Face Recognition Is Faster and More Secure with FastAccess Anywhere Version 5.0

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CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Sensible Vision, the leading supplier of face recognition that securely replaces passwords for computers and mobile devices, announces its 5th generation of face recognition on Windows PCs and tablets; offering up to 2.5 times faster recognition, lower error rate, and enhanced photo rejection.

Sensible Vision introduced its enterprise-ready face recognition technology in 2006, and grew to seven million global users by delivering secure access with greater convenience than traditional passwords, pins, or fingerprint readers. Today’s version 5.0 algorithm improvements have resulted in better recognition under varied and difficult lighting conditions. This means even greater flexibility, convenience and security.

The new technology has been tested in stringent, real-life situations as well as with several standardized face databases. Results show significantly faster recognition and virtually no false recognitions, freeing users from the need to remember and type passwords to login to Windows and websites.

“Our company’s goal is to make phones, tablets and PCs easy to use while providing true security and peace of mind,” said George Brostoff, CEO of Sensible Vision. “This new release further enhances the user experience by reducing password typing by up to 400%. Logging into Windows and websites is almost instantaneous with no passwords to type or remember, even in some of the most challenging lighting conditions.”

FastAccess has always offered flexible settings to support a continuum of requirements ranging from optimal convenience to iron-clad security. Testing against standardized face databases with version 5.0 resulted in zero incorrect recognitions when using FastAccess’s “High” recognition strength setting. To achieve the same error rate with the previous version, the “Maximum” recognition setting was required.

“We developed FastAccess for enterprise environments with critical security requirements,” said Cyrus Azar, Chief Technology Officer for Sensible Vision. “We later employed the same technology to develop the app for home and small business users. We are committed to continuous advancements to maintain the leading edge with FastAccess; distinguishing the solution from novelty, insecure face recognition apps on the market.”

Real-life use shows significantly improved recognition without requiring as many images be cached in the biometric database. With Version 5.0, users have to enter their password less frequently, and will enjoy the benefit of automatic logins via FastAccess on the first few uses.

In addition to improved recognition, version 5.0 also touts enhanced photo rejection. Micro-motion detection senses whether access has been attempted with a photo or video, resulting in a 60% improvement in photo and video rejections.

A new, streamlined login interface and expanded website/browser support round out the list of new features that make for an enhanced experience.

Pricing: $24.99 USD - FastAccess Anywhere for Windows v5.0 which includes a one-year Cloud Account subscription and free apps for Android and Apple mobile devices. For a limited time, current users of FastAccess v4 can upgrade and get the Cloud Account for the special price of $14.99.

Download FastAccess Anywhere Version 5.0 for AndroidiPhone & iPod touchiPad and Windows.

About Sensible Vision

Headquartered in Cape Coral, Florida, Sensible Vision Inc. ( is the leading provider of face recognition for convenience and security for computers and mobile devices. Since 2006, FastAccess Facial Recognition for Windows has been speeding logins and protecting information, with over 7 million installations worldwide. FastAccess for Windows is available directly from Sensible Vision and on select Dell and Sony laptops.

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