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New Mobile App, MochaMeet, Launches Just in Time to Help Holiday Travelers Find Family and Friends across the World

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PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MochaMeet today launched a new iOS 7 app just in time to help travelers easily connect and schedule holiday get-togethers with groups of their friends across the world.

After you sign-in with Facebook, the app's interactive world map tells you which friends and colleagues are located closest to you - wherever you are in the world at this very moment. Figure out where all of your friends are so you can make decisions about which travel destinations are a priority for you.

It's a pain to track which friends are around you, find out when everyone is free, match everyone's schedules and finally, coordinate where people prefer to meet. But thanks to MochaMeet's group chat environment, this is no longer a hassle. MochaMeet does all of it for you, so you can just show up and focus on catching up with your friends. The app is now available from the Apple app store at

You can browse to see which individuals are in a specific city, invite them to a private group and coordinate a meeting time and place. Organize the various friends with whom you meet-up regularly into different groups and schedule periodic meeting reminders so that you don't lose touch over time.

"Most of us have been there - we've gotten random calls from friends or relatives who wanted to get a group together while we're in town - but we just couldn't pull it off," said Anish Godha, CEO of MochaMeet. "Thanks to MochaMeet, creating a plan to meet with friends, old and new, will no longer fall off your radar."

"A few swipes and clicks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod is all it will take to make sure you don't lose the chance to turn those important connections into face time during the holidays or any other time of year," added Godha.

More About MochaMeet

After using Facebook to log in to MochaMeet, the app builds a profile and syncs your friends - letting you know where everyone is located on the MochaMeet world map. The app does not post to Facebook unless the user explicitly requests it to. A person can view friends in a specific city and organize a private group to coordinate a meeting by voting on possible places and times that work for everyone. With MochaMeet chat, people who are invited to the meeting can coordinate details in real-time.

About MochaMeet

MochaMeet is a mobile app that takes all the pain and hassle out of group planning. Acting as your personal assistant, MochaMeet helps you quickly find out who is around, propose meeting times and places and then solicit votes in a collaborative chat session to finalize all the details. The company was founded in 2012, and is based in Palo Alto, California. For more information about how to begin planning your next meeting, via MochaMeet, visit

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