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Denver IT Support Company North Star Answers Explosive Growth with Referral Rewards Program

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DENVER, Jan. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Well known Denver IT Support Company North Star, Inc., Introduces a New Referral Rewards program for 2014, offering Cash to all individuals for quality referrals.

Responding to unprecedented growth of their IT support business in Denver, Colorado, during the past year, the folks at North Star have decided to reward any individual for helping them build their business even further during the next year. "It's a way to say 'Thank you' to our great community for helping us continue to grow our business in the future," said Darryl Kalli, IT Specialist, and one of the owners of North Star, Inc.

The Referral rewards Program is somewhat unique in today's marketplace, in that the company is offering actual Cash Rewards for quality referrals, with a bonus for helping them land a client who signs on as a new customer, and with Escalating Incentives for multiple referrals in each quarter.

"In today's business environment, word-of-mouth referrals and personal contacts are the golden goose of business growth. With this in mind, we are offering a Cash Reward for referrals from any individual. No gift cards. No freebies for stuff no one wants. We are aggressively expanding our reach - and we're willing to pay for it," Mr. Kalli continued.

The details of the plan are actually fairly simple, as well as being quite generous...

North Star Referral Rewards/Cash Rewards Program:

    --  $25 to the referrer for the initial meeting with the interested
    --  $100 or more to the referrer when the referral signs on as a new
    --  Quarterly Escalation Incentive Bonus of $25 to the referrer for more
        than 3 referrals provided in each quarter.
    --  The referred new clients automatically get something for free when they
        buy a maintenance contract - complete Network Health and Security
        Assessments, and detailed reports - valued at over $1000. This provides
        incentive to them, and also provides the referrer something that
        encourages the lead to set up the appointment.
    --  Further details are available at the North Star website

The company has dedicated itself to growing their business in the New Year, allowing them to offer an increasingly broad range of proactive IT support services and enhanced customer service, to all of their Denver business clients.

Following the philosophy that "Cash is King," Denver IT Support Company North Star, Inc. will be paying cash to those referring new clients to them. The new Referral Rewards Program from North Star begins immediately, and will run throughout the New Year - and beyond!

Offering quality IT support services to their Denver-based clients since 1998, the North Star Team brings a premium experience to keeping their client's IT systems running smoothly and effectively. Our commitment to excellence and high level of integrity have enabled us to service clients all across the Front Range of Colorado; from Boulder to Highlands Ranch, and all areas in between.

Darryl Kalli
North Star, Inc.

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