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NavigatorMD, Inc. Hires Alexander Poston Jr. as Chief Information Officer

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- NavigatorMD, Inc. announced today the appointment of Alexander Poston Jr. to Chief Information Officer (CIO). Poston will spearhead NavigatorMD’s IT business strategies and assume management of the company’s product development team and technology systems. With more than 28 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in technology and healthcare, Poston is known as a pioneer in clinical documentation and healthcare data exchange. He is also recognized for his inventive technical processes and efficient software redesign.

“I am excited to be joining the NavigatorMD team. The intersection of patient-centric data with traditional healthcare information to create large ‘big data’ reporting is going to be a dominant healthcare innovation driver for the next few years,” said Poston. “NavigatorMD is uniquely positioned to fill this data and reporting intersection gap.”

The hire comes after last year’s introduction of Design180® Plus Wellness™, which now integrates clinical data such as biometrics with relevant claims data. NavigatorMD says it allows clients to create better health management programs while closely measuring their cost implications, a growing necessity in today’s health care landscape.

Previously, Poston served as founding CEO and CIO for Entrada, a healthcare technology company providing documentation workflow solutions to physicians. Leveraging his background, Poston will help bridge the Design180® experience between clinical users, such as physicians and wellness companies, with data analyst users, such as brokers and health plan underwriters.

“Our focus is giving the right information to the right people in a platform that offers effortless collaboration to promote long-term, big picture goals,” said Kevin Foley, President of NavigatorMD. “To make progress from both a health and financial perspective in health care, we need to connect various data users. That’s what NavigatorMD does and that’s what Alex can help us do better.”

In 1999, Alex served as a founding Senior Vice President and CIO for Total eMed (now Spheris). Under his leadership, Total eMed became the first in its industry to utilize secured Internet delivery of voice recordings to remote transcriptionists, achieving increases in efficiency and cost savings. Within only 18 months, Total eMed was acquired for more than $400 million.

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