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KineMed Announces the Hire of Timothy Enns as Chief Investor and Media Relations Officer

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EMERYVILLE, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- KineMed, Inc. ( announced today that Timothy L. Enns has been hired as Chief Investor and Media Relations Officer. Mr. Enns most recently served as SVP of Corporate Communications and Marketing for Astex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ASTX), (formerly SuperGen, Inc. (SUPG)), which was acquired by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Enns held various senior management, communication and commercial positions with Astex. Prior to Astex, Mr. Enns held positions at Sequus Pharmaceuticals, Trilex Therapeutics, Syncor International, MGI Pharma, Adria Laboratories and The Upjohn Company.

“I am excited to have Tim Enns as part of The KineMed senior team to manage our external communications and relationships with investors,” said David Fineman, Chairman and CEO.

About KineMed, Inc.

KineMed is a commercial-stage company focused on applying its proprietary biomarker platform technology to drug development, prescription and non-prescription medical diagnostics and the pairing of drugs with diagnostic biomarker tests.

KineMed’s diagnostic biomarker tests directly measure the biological processes that cause disease by revealing the flux, or rate of production and destruction, over a period of time, of the key molecules involved in these biological processes. KineMed believes that measuring molecular fluxes can provide interpretable information that may be predictive for clinically meaningful endpoints for a particular patient and are designed to reveal personalized information for a patient that can guide healthcare decisions. As a result, KineMed believes KineMed’s biomarkers have the potential to have a transformative effect on healthcare by providing information that can be used to make drug development more efficient, and guide healthcare decisions by physicians and wellness decisions by consumers. Building on a legacy of collaborative relationships and experience performing biomarker tests in human disease research and drug development settings, KineMed is currently focused on commercializing biomarker tests in six areas: muscle biology, fibrotic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiometabolic diseases, skincare and cancer. KineMed’s muscle biology program represents its most advanced initiative that focuses its proprietary technology on a long-standing need in medicine and wellness management.

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