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MTSI Announces Director of Training and Education for KSI Solutions

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ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- MTSI is pleased to announce that Dennis Lester, PhD, has been appointed MTSI’s Director of Guardtime KSI Training and Education, to build on the company’s strategic alliance with Guardtime USA aimed at widespread implementation of Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSITM) in the U.S. Federal market. In this capacity, Dr. Lester is responsible for delivering tailored training on the full range of KSI solutions to a wide variety of customers. As a former U.S. Air Force officer, Department of Defense (DoD) IT program manager, and faculty member at a major research university, Dr. Lester has a blend of experience in federal government activities and higher education that uniquely qualifies him to serve as MTSI’s chief educator.

The professional KSI training programs developed by Dr. Lester are focused on problem sets of highest interest to US DoD and IC customers, and closely coupled to Guardtime’s KSI technology roadmap and new capability releases. MTSI’s KSI training programs span the full range from entry-level to professional certifications on the entire KSI solutions portfolio, integrating content from Guardtime’s own training and education development activities. Examples of targeted training programs include Insider Threat Deterrence and Detection, and Active Integrity in the Cloud.

From formal certification training for Systems Integrators, Services Providers, and Information Assurance Professionals to orientation training for executives and staffs, MTSI is offering a full range of courses at its purpose-built KSI Training Facility in Alexandria, Virginia and at client locations. The MTSI training cadre includes technical experts who have hands-on experience in KSI systems administration, software development, certification and accreditation, and SOC operations. Coupled with Dr. Lester’s professional training and education practice, these subject matter experts, ensure that customers have the knowledge and skills to take full advantage of KSI systems and services.

Dr. Lester said, “I’m very excited about my recent assignment to MTSI’s KSI team. Appointing a Training and Education lead early in the life cycle of KSI’s introduction to DoD and the IC is indicative of MTSI’s commitment to providing a holistic, balanced approach for successful fielding of KSI capabilities. High-quality training goes hand-in-hand with Guardtime’s breakthrough technologies that focus on critical problems sets, such as insider threat and protecting the integrity of critical information assets.”

Dr. Lester received a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Technology from Arizona State Unversity; a Master of Business Administration from Phillips University; and a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology from the University of New Mexico (UNM). During his U.S. Air Force career, he served as a commander, instructor pilot, academics instructor, flight examiner, and simulation development manager. Following his military career, he was a project manager and business developer for Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; program manager and technical director for Scientific Research Corporation and MTSI. He has extensive experience in distributed modeling and simulation development and application in support of a wide variety of DoD and coalition training, testing, and experimentation activities. As a college and university faculty member, Dr. Lester has taught courses in aerodynamics, strategic management, interpersonal and team dynamics, and instructional use of computer simulation.

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