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Unisource - Predictive Shipment Tracing (PST) To Be Integrated into Visionship TMS G3

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MIAMI -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Unisource Corporate Corporation (OTC Markets: USRC) today announced that the Visionship G3 Transportation Management System (TMS) will shortly include active Predictive Shipment Tracing intelligence (PST) integrated directly into the landmark product line. As a leader in the TMS technology industry, Visionship’s goal is to automate the management of all client in-transit shipments, to include immediate notifications on shipment delays before they occur. PST, and related innovations, will also greatly enhance the intellectual property portfolio of Unisource.

Industry estimates indicate that over 10,000 shipping containers are lost each year, and over 7% of parcel/package shipments are lost, misrouted, or not delivered within contract terms of carriage. With over 15 billion shipments sent annually, the costs associated with delayed or lost shipments easily runs into the billions of dollars. In many cases this creates tremendous potential revenue losses for shipping clients, particularly those that are providing “just-in-time” inventory, supplies, or equipment. Visionship TMS with active Predictive Shipment Tracing will provide those shipping clients with a new level of automated visibility and insight focusing on negating or minimizing any such losses.

“With the addition of Predictive Shipment Tracing, Visionship G3 will now learn from each and every shipment and carrier event in a client’s supply chain. Visionship will remember all historical transportation events for each client, and will proactively predict supply chain distress before delays occur again,” said Bill Wood, CEO and President of USRC Subsidiary Visionship, Inc. “Visionship’s ‘PST’, a first of its kind technology in the industry, is a true game changer, and will begin to revolutionize how in-transit shipments are managed by companies globally - while creating a significant internal client cost savings allowing companies to create more productive and profitable operations.”

The 3rd Party Logistics and Transportation Management System domestic transportation marketplace is estimated to be greater than $7 Billion annually, and growing rapidly. Most shipments can be managed online; however until now, a shipper/consignee can only react to what has already happened. With Visionship G3 including PST, client operations will soon be able to proactively respond to what is ‘going to happen’. Alerts are made via the Cloud, in any number of ways to insure that potential problems can be addressed before they actually occur. With PST, Visionship can even know about potential problems before the carriers do! The difference – Visionship will directly alert clients of potential on-time delivery and pickup delays before a shipment is late.

“We are extremely proud of the 3rd Generation of Visionship, and the inclusion of our Predictive Shipment Tracing technologies which will save Unisource clients significant time as well as potentially millions of dollars annually. Every client who deploys Visionship G3 will have the opportunity to reduce employee headcount; improve customer service, create efficiencies across SBU’s, and now can use PST to reduce loss-rates, achieving further increases in company profits”, said Jordan Serlin, Chairman and CEO of Unisource.

Today Visionship G3 is offered to the market on an affordable Cloud-Based SaaS platform, for any size user group. Visionship G3’s real time Dashboard allows clients to view and manage all shipments, modes, and carriers from a single location. Predictive Shipment Tracing, available Q1 2014, will be inherent to each carrier/mode managed by Visionship G3, increasing the percentage of on-time pick-ups and deliveries across the board.

Unisource will highlight these latest Visionship G3 features for investors at "TEN"; Noble Financial Capital Markets’ Tenth Annual Equity Conference. Unisource Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Jordan Serlin will present at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time on January 22, 2014. The conference will be held January 19-22, 2013 at Club Med, Sandpiper Bay, South Florida.

For sales information, please visit or call +1 (877) 993-6787, Ext. 501. For additional information on Unisource please visit or call +1 (561) 228-5181.

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