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Samsung, Engadget and Yahoo! Named Top Talked-About Brands at CES 2014, According to New Gorkana Report

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NEW YORK, Jan. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Gorkana Group today released the findings of its Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 Social Insight Report, noting the top influencers, most buzzed-about organizations, most popular media outlets, and key trends and talking points from this closely watched tech event. Samsung took top billing as the most-discussed organization. As the official show website, Engadget was also the top media outlet for CES conversations, and Engadget's Executive Editor, Marc Perton, was the top influencer for CES 2014. Rounding out the group as the top keynote speaker was Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer.

"One of the things this report shows is that not being there does ultimately impact a brand's place as part of the CES conversations," said Jeni Chapman, Managing Director, Gorkana Group US. "Apple, for example, dropped from being the second most-talked-about brand in 2013 to ranking #5 this year, and the same three-point drop happened to Microsoft. New entrants like Audi, which leaped into becoming part of the 10 most-talked-about brands during CES, demonstrated another trend we saw this year: the larger presence of new sectors like automobile and healthcare," she added.

Top Organizations:

     Rank  Organization  Volume        2013 Rank
     ----  ------------  ------        ---------

       1     Samsung            88,981             1
      ---    -------            ------           ---

       2  Google/Android        48,046             4
      --- --------------        ------           ---

       3       Sony             40,783             5
      ---      ----             ------           ---

       4      Intel             32,213             6
      ---     -----             ------           ---

       5      Apple             31,032             2
      ---     -----             ------           ---

       6    Microsoft           29,395             3
      ---   ---------           ------           ---

       7        LG              18,192             8
      ---      ---              ------           ---

       8     Logitech           13,901             -
      ---    --------           ------           ---

       9       Audi             12,738            16
      ---      ----             ------           ---

      10     T-Mobile           10,886             -
      ---    --------           ------           ---

In the emerging trends category, the "Internet of Things" took the top spot and "raked up 3,300 mentions during the event," says the Gorkana CES 2014 Insights Report, "making 2014 the year when it went from buzzword to market reality," supported in large part by Intel's Brian Krzanich speech during the conference.

Top Keynote Speakers:

    1. Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! - 5,200 mentions
    2. Brian Krzanich, Intel - 2,100 mentions
    3. Kazuo Hirai, Sony - 1,400 mentions
    4. John Chambers, Cisco - 1,200 mentions

Top Influencers:

    1. Marc Perton, Executive Editor, Engadget
    2. Roger Cheng, Executive Editor, CNET
    3. Lance Ulanoff, Editor-in-Chief, Mashable

News sites accounted for about 6% of the buzz around CES, blogs held 3% of the traffic, and the lion's share of sharing was on Twitter, with 83% of the conversations.

Top Media Outlets:

    1. Google News
    2. Engadget
    3. CNET
    4. Mashable
    5. TechCrunch

Top Blogs:


For more details and insight into the online conversations around CES, Gorkana's in-depth report is available for free at Download it today for a snapshot and analysis of key facts and talking points, daily and emerging trends, and the top channels, products, speakers and influencers. Data were analyzed from January 4-12, 2014, including 750,000 social media mentions using Gorkana's Social Media Pro monitoring tool ( and expert analysts.

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