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Bio-Tissue™ Trending at 35 Percent Compound Growth, 33 Percent Unit Growth

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MIAMI -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Bio-Tissue™, Inc., the industry leader in regenerative tissue therapies for ocular surface diseases and disorders, today announced it has attained 33 percent unit growth and a 7-year compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35 percent. With nearly 200,000 units shipped across all product lines since 2006 and more than 150,000 successful human transplantations, Bio-Tissue’s products are used by eye care professionals worldwide to manage ocular surface diseases and conditions.

Bio-Tissue’s product lines include AmnioGraft®, a biologic ocular transplantation graft; AmnioGuard™, a biologic glaucoma shunt tube graft; PROKERA®, a dual-action, biologic corneal bandage that is the only FDA-cleared therapeutic device that reduces inflammation and promotes healing; and Cliradex®, an all-natural, preservative-free lid, lash and facial cleanser, which optimizes management of lid margin diseases. Cliradex® is the only commercially available product that incorporates 4-Terpineol, the active component of tea tree oil that clinically demonstrated anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and miticidal properties.

“This accomplishment serves as an endorsement in Bio-Tissue’s technology platforms, which go a long way in the treatment and management of ocular surface diseases,” said Dr. Scheffer Tseng, MD, PhD, Bio-Tissue, Inc. Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer. “We are confident that the products Bio-Tissue has developed through ongoing evidence-based research will become the new paradigm for eye care professionals seeking to improve clinical outcomes and enhance patients’ quality of life.”

The PROKERA® medical device brand, which includes three biologic corneal bandages - including new products PROKERA® SLIM for mild to moderate indications, and PROKERA® PLUS for severe indications - are the lead drivers in helping the company reach this milestone. These products cover the broad spectrum of treatment for mild to severe ocular surface diseases (OSD) such as keratitis, corneal erosion, dry eye syndrome, Stevens - Johnson syndrome (SJS) and chemical burns.

“One of the primary goals of eye care professionals is to diagnose and treat eye conditions and prevent vision loss,” says Christopher J. Rapuano, MD, Chief of the Cornea Service at Wills Eye Hospital and Cornea Society President. “Bio-Tissue’s products increase my treatment armamentarium and are becoming important components in my practice for the management of ocular surface diseases.”

“Given the competitive biotech landscape and segmented market for ophthalmic therapies in general, achieving this kind of consistent year-over-year growth is a significant milestone,” said Tom Daniells, Chief Commercial Officer at Bio-Tissue. “It not only highlights the profound positive impact our products have on improving patient outcomes, but also strengthens our commitment to continue developing new innovative eye care treatments to meet clinical needs in the marketplace."

About Bio-Tissue

Bio-Tissue, Inc. was founded in 1997 due to an unmet need for a better surgical and therapeutic alternative for ocular surface conditions; one that would serve as a non-immunogenic tissue replacement and would facilitate tissue regeneration. Initial research began in the 1980’s, led by Dr. Scheffer C.G. Tseng, MD, PhD, who believed the solution was to utilize the natural regenerative properties of human amniotic membrane tissue to promote wound healing. In the late 1990’s, Dr. Tseng introduced the use of amniotic membrane for ocular surface reconstruction, by utilizing a novel method of processing and preservation --the CryoTek™ Method. Today, the company’s regenerative wound healing solutions are used by eye care professionals around the world. Products include: AmnioGraft®, a Biologic Ocular Transplantation Graft; AmnioGuard™, a Biologic Glaucoma Shunt Tube Graft; PROKERA®, a Biologic Corneal Bandage/Medical Device that is the only FDA cleared therapeutic device that reduces inflammation and promotes healing; and Cliradex®, a Cleanser for Lashes, Eyelids and Face.

Bio-Tissue, Inc., a subsidiary of TissueTech, is a privately held ophthalmic biologic therapeutics company that develops innovative, biologic wound healing solutions for the prevention and treatment of ocular surface diseases and disorders, such as keratitis, pterygium, recurrent corneal erosion, dry eye syndrome and chemical burns. Based on its unique platform technology and patented CryoTek™ cryopreservation method, Bio-Tissue’s products use amniotic membrane to promote anti-inflammation and pro-healing of the eye surface. Bio-Tissue is a leader in the ophthalmic industry with 15 years of clinical history, 25 years of government-funded scientific research, 300 peer-reviewed publications, and over 150 thousand successful human transplantations. For more information please visit

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