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NMS Labs Announces its Highly Specific Plasma Catecholamines Test by 2D-LC-MS/MS

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WILLOW GROVE, Pa. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- NMS Labs is the only known commercial laboratory to detect and quantify low levels of catecholamines in plasma using the highly specific and sensitive method of two dimensional liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (2D-LC-MS/MS). Building on over 40 years of scientific excellence, NMS Labs is now helping to set new standards in diagnostic endocrinology testing by using technology that delivers superior specificity and precision.

The highly sensitive and specific developed detection method for plasma catecholamines impacts the medical community by reducing interferences and increasing signal to noise ratios compared to routine methods used in most laboratories. Additionally, this test is suited well for small sample sizes, which is important for pediatric patients. Specific disorders where catecholamine analysis may be of utility include pheochromocytoma, paraganglioma, neuroblastoma, dopamine beta-hydroxylase deficiency and tetrahydrobiopterin deficiency.

NMS Labs is one of the pioneering clinical laboratories to use LC-MS/MS on a routine basis. The experience gained over approximately 15 years has lead to hundreds of diagnostic and toxicological tests, including those used in endocrinology testing. In addition to plasma catecholamines, NMS Labs offers other endocrinology tests that can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of adrenal disorders, Vitamin D deficiency, pituitary dysfunction, sex hormone related abnormalities and many other endocrine disorders, all using this state-of-the-art technology.

About NMS Labs:

NMS Labs is an ISO accredited, international forensic and clinical reference laboratory that is unsurpassed in its scope, accuracy of results, scientific expertise, and innovation. The state-of-the-art facilities include clinical, forensic and research capabilities, dedicated and secure crime laboratories, and are staffed by more than 250 highly trained professionals. NMS Labs is passionate about promoting public health and safety.

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