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Mirus Transfectopedia™: Mirus Bio Announces a New In-depth Transfection Resource Guide

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MADISON, Wis. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Transfection Experts at Mirus Bio release a comprehensive resource guide, Mirus Transfectopedia™, intended for use as a standard for novices and experts alike to learn more about transfection and to help plan and conduct experiments for optimal results. Mirus Bio pioneered some of the first, and still widely used high efficiency, low toxicity chemical transfection reagents. While developing these methods, the scientists at Mirus generated decades of transfection expertise, now consolidated into this comprehensive guide. Mirus Transfectopedia is a dynamic resource, with continuous updates to ensure scientists always have access to the latest cutting-edge transfection methodologies.

“Every scientist is focused on their own research. The goal of this guide is to let people know they’re getting answers from a resource that’s been written by people that care as much about the transfection process as they care about the science they are working on,” said James Hagstrom, founder of Mirus Bio LLC. “With this guide, we hope to remove some of the uncertainty around transfection experimental design to further enable researchers to achieve success.”

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Transfection is a common but vital tool in life science research that addresses a variety of disciplines including cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, and virology. Such a far-reaching audience requires support for a number of pertinent applications employed by transfection. With this in mind, Mirus Transfectopedia addresses the science and history behind transfection to better design, plan and troubleshoot experiments. Mirus Transfectopedia also addresses a variety of applications (e.g. virus production, stem cell engineering and large-scale protein production) that place transfection in the context of your experiments. Keeping you in-the-know is the objective. Here are just some of the items covered in Mirus Transfectopedia:

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Every transfection product offered by Mirus Bio is the result of scientific discovery and development from an in-house team of organic chemists, biochemists, and cell biologists. Almost two decades after its founding, transfection continues to be the focal point and passion of Mirus, giving researchers the most reliable products and expertise.

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