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Touchscreen Provides Easier Access to Reagents and Protocols Through Promega Helix™ “Smart” Stocking Program

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MADISON, Wis. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Promega Corporation announces the release of a new touchscreen interface for the Helix™ smart on-site stocking program. The touchscreen enhances the Helix experience by providing researchers easy access to relevant information about Promega products, including applications and protocols.

Promega Helix(TM) touchscreen interface provides customers with access to self-service features in l ...

Promega Helix(TM) touchscreen interface provides customers with access to self-service features in life science research laboratories.

The touchscreen interface creates a unique connection with researchers to save them time and effort in getting the tools and information they need. Scientists use the touchscreens to determine what reagents are available in a unit or in any other units on their location. They can also use the interface to email themselves product protocols and safety information, and to access additional features.

“My storeroom staff uses the touchscreen to see what is in the Helix and where,” said Mike Scott at the University of Toronto MedStore, one of the largest research supply facilities in North America. “They also use it to send information about product use and safety to the researchers who are our customers.”

For Helix on-site refrigerators, a researcher uses the touchscreen to verify the unit’s inventory and pricing. Then, the customer simply swipes a pass to take what is needed. With its RFID technology and automated system, the unit manages the rest - from the paperwork for purchase, to inventory updates and restocking. The system can integrate the information directly into an organization’s purchasing system. Promega pioneered “smart” on-site stocking solutions ten years ago to provide researchers with convenient, efficient access to reagents.

"Other systems involve far more manual processes," Scott says. "The Helix program saves MedStore money by eliminating human error and reducing the amount of manual work needed. As a result, we see more sales and serve the community better."

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