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Paseo Oaks Pharmacy in Thousand Oaks Offers Compounding Services

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THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Feb. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Paseo Oaks Pharmacy in Thousand Oaks offers specialty compounding services for patients across the Thousand Oaks area. Specialty compounding services can provide patients with more personalized treatment options to better meet their needs, and doctors can order customized prescriptions for their patients. Both new prescriptions and pharmacy refills can be ordered using compounded medications. Visit for more information about their services.

Compounding services are often needed for patients whose medical needs can be better met through precise dosages and medications that may not be commercially available in the needed form. Compounding enables pharmacists to combine specific ingredients in precise dosages to increase compliance, simplify dosing or simplify the medication-taking process. Paseo Oaks compounding Pharmacy in Thousand Oaks offers multi-ingredient formulations and special dosage forms for patients of all ages. Options can include natural supplements and compatible medications in injection, lozenge, ointment, lotion, liquid, troche or lollipop form, as well as more traditional medications.

The pharmacist at this compounding pharmacy in Thousand Oaks works closely with healthcare providers and patients to identify concerns and minimize side effects through specialty compounding. A variety of health care concerns can be addressed, including hormone replacement therapy, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid imbalance, pain management, palliative care and other conditions. Pediatric medications, postpartum care and treatments specifically designed for older adults are also available. Treatments will be carefully coordinated to minimize the risk of side effects or drug interactions, and testing and monitoring is available as necessary.

No two patients are alike, which is why each patient is provided with the personalized care that he or she needs to optimize health. Each patient's specific needs are kept in mind, and the pharmacy staff works closely with doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure the best outcomes and to promote overall wellness. A locally owned and operated compounding pharmacy, Paseo Oaks Pharmacy is committed to providing personalized care to their patients. Their staff is friendly and uses advanced techniques and equipment as they follow the most appropriate treatment protocols and recommendations. This results in a higher quality of care that can be seen most clearly in the results.


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