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Atigeo Debuts New xPatterns 4.0 Live at Strata – Big Data Analytics Made Faster, Visual and Measurably Better

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Atigeo™, a compassionate technology company, today demonstrated new features in xPatterns 4.0 that delivers the fastest, most accurate and visually compelling big data analytics. Attendees at the O’Reilly Strata Conference in the Santa Clara Convention Center will get a sneak peek at xPatterns 4.0 in Booth 217 today through February 13.

xPatterns 4.0 moves customers beyond infrastructure-focused solutions and Business Intelligence. It delivers customer value from enterprise big data assets by eliminating slow and costly buildouts and internal projects. Atigeo’s experience in healthcare, processing billions of HIPAA-compliant transactions, and other highly regulated industries makes xPatterns a platform that meets or exceeds stringent requirements such as HIPAA, FISMA, and Dodd-Frank.

xPatterns 4.0’s newest features give IT professionals, data scientists, app developers and line-of-business users more control and flexibility to rapidly analyze, experiment, configure, and deploy intelligent, enterprise-grade applications and solutions.

“xPatterns is revolutionizing the way we leverage the full spectrum of data, giving innovative enterprises a way to more broadly visualize and tap into real-time information for truly intelligent analytics,” Atigeo CEO Michael Sandoval said. “With xPatterns 4.0, customers can combine the advantages of cloud computing with big data advanced analytics and web-based applications, all within a single, unique architecture. Its new enhancements allow customers to visualize data across multiple dimensions, and to do everything they need to do to ensure the platform is optimally deployed to meet their organizational needs.”

xPatterns 4.0 includes a new front-end management console to securely monitor and administer the entire data lifecycle. In addition, xPatterns 4.0 includes the following features:

  • Cutting-edge, real-time, optimized hybrid analytics components such as machine learning, data mining, natural language understanding, dynamic ontologies, search and proprietary Atigeo inductive analytics that allow for handling of any data natively without aggregation;
  • Complete developer toolbox, including Atigeo-specific components as well as open source technologies;
  • Automated retraining, measurement and feedback pipeline;
  • Fully automated big data configurations right out of the box;
  • Works with entire datasets, rather than samples;
  • Certified security that meets tough compliance and auditing standards, including HIPAA, Dodd-Frank and FERPA; and
  • Works in a private cloud, on-premises, or with legacy IT systems.

To arrange a demo of xPatterns 4.0 at the Strata Conference or after the show, please contact Roman Frillarte, senior product manager, at or call 425-749-5043.

About Atigeo™

Atigeo is a compassionate technology company for a wiser planet. Its big data analytics platform, xPatterns, operates in the cloud to lower any company’s cost barrier for extracting knowledge from all available data, even with a legacy IT infrastructure. Enterprise-grade and developer-accessible, xPatterns makes data easier to leverage in its native state, greatly reducing the effort, expense and limitations of data architecture and analysis by 90%. For more information, please visit or find us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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