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Echelon to Host Hands-on Lab for its IzoT Platform for the IIoT at embedded world Conference & Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany

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-- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ:ELON):

What: Echelon Corporation (NASDAQ:ELON), the world’s leading control networking platform provider, will host a Hands-on Lab at the embedded world Conference & Exhibition. The Hands-on Lab will let attendees gain direct experience using Echelon’s IzoT™ products to create their own interoperable devices and applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

In the Echelon Hands-on Lab at embedded world:

  • There will be six workstations set up. Echelon will run six Hands-on Lab sessions during the first day of the embedded world show and five sessions on the second and third days—for a total of 96 available seats in 16 sessions.
  • Hands-on Lab participants are assigned a workstation and receive a self-guided manual/tutorial for either the IzoT Device Stack or IzoT Server Stack.
  • Device stack users can build a device on a Raspberry Pi board then connect their device with the device community.
  • Server stack participants can develop web pages to control and interact with IzoT-enabled communities of devices.
  • Echelon experts will be available during the sessions to answer questions and provide support.

When: February 25 – 27, 2014

Where: Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany. Echelon is in Hall 4A, Booth #4A-128 with Avnet Memec. The Hands-on Lab will be in a large reserved room close to the booth. Register for the Hands-on Lab at

Bonus giveaway: Participants in the Hands-on Lab who complete a feedback form will be entered into a drawing for a Raspberry Pi device. Echelon will give away one Raspberry Pi per session (16 total).

More information: Echelon’s IzoT platform for the IIoT is the next generation of the world’s most successful industrial control platform. IzoT software, chips and modules are designed to provide an effective, safe and simple migration path to the IIoT for the billion devices currently connected to control networks in industrial settings. The IzoT platform enables the creation of IIoT solutions that interoperate with existing devices while also supporting new IP-enabled devices, which can be part of the more widely known consumer or human IoT.

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“As soon as we announced we were doing Hands-on Labs for our IzoT platform, the response was fantastic. Clearly, there’s a huge need for what Echelon’s IzoT platform provides, which is a bridge from the pre-IP world of industrial devices to a more interconnected, IP-enabled world—but without sacrificing the reliability, security or rugged operations required for industrial device settings, and without big costs or hassles.”
— Rich Blomseth, product manager, Internet of Things, Echelon Corp.

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