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Arnold Worldwide Research Predicts Gold For Sochi Olympic Sponsors

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BOSTON, Feb. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- With an expected audience of more than three billion viewers worldwide, new research by Arnold Worldwide shows that sponsor brands will benefit from the broad global audience as well as the integrity and authenticity of the Olympic Games brand.

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Arnold Worldwide evaluated the Olympic Games brand value on a proprietary index of velocity that measures trust (in what the brand stands for) and dynamism (how the brand behaves).

"Among sports organization, the Olympics has high velocity--more trusted than any other sports organization, with higher dynamism than all but the NFL," said Neela Pal, Global Director of Brand and Business Strategy. "Both the Olympics and other sports organizations are perceived as traditional and fun, however, the Olympics is also viewed as having integrity and being authentic. With advertising spend during the games expected to reach record levels, that's an important advantage for brands among this rare broad audience."

Benefits of Sponsorship

Olympic-sponsoring brands achieve trust through high-quality, consistency and reliability; and dynamism by speaking to broader personal and social values such as providing life balance, valuing sustainability, honesty, helping consumers feel good about themselves, and enabling self improvement.

The research shows that the top 3 benefits that sponsorship bestows on a brand are awareness, global impression, and leadership.

In addition, the agency conducted market research on audience engagement for The Sochi Games. The results showed that 82% of the population will (47%) or might (35%) follow the Sochi Olympics over the 17 days of competition.

Consumer Needs for The Games: Immediacy, Connectivity, Engagement

Olympic sponsoring brands can drive greater velocity by infusing attributes associated with other sports-sponsoring brands around innovation by addressing 3 key consumer needs:

Immediacy: The majority of Olympics followers want to experience the Olympics live

    --  64% of the population who will/might follow the Olympics believe it's
        important to access Olympic content live, as it's happening.
        --  This is particularly true of 18-29 year olds, families, and
            households with incomes over $70k
    --  The content that is most relevant to those who follow the Olympics is:
        --  56% of those who will/might follow the Olympics plan to consume
            sporting events
        --  45% of those who will/might follow the Olympics plan to consume
            sports highlights
        --  45% of those who will/might follow the Olympics plan to consume the
            opening ceremonies

Connectivity: While a television presence will be critical for Olympic-sponsoring brands, digital and mobile presences are equally important with 74% of Olympics followers using multiple devices simultaneously to consume Olympics content.

    --  82% of those who will/might follow the Olympics will consume Olympic
        content on television
    --  However, 75% of those who will/might follow the Olympics will consume
        Olympic content on their laptop or desktop computers
    --  And 53% of those who will/might follow the Olympics will consume Olympic
        content on their smartphone or tablet

Engagement: Social sharing of Olympic Games content is on the rise with 41% of consumers more likely to share Olympic content during the Sochi Olympics than during the London Olympics

    --  62% of consumers state that they will (31%) or might (31%) share content
        via social media
    --  81% of those who will or might share content will use Facebook, but 36%
        plan to use YouTube, and 34% Twitter.

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Research Methodology
Arnold Worldwide conducted an online survey of 400 U.S. respondents, aged 18+, between December 12 and 18, 2013. The survey sample was nationally representative.

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