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LocalVox Makes National Marketing Payoff Locally

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NEW YORK, Feb. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Since its founding in 2010, LocalVox has successfully built the nation's largest publishing platform for localized, native content. Today the company announced that its suite of technology solutions, piloted in a targeted group of cities, is now available nationwide for multi-location and franchise businesses as well as SMBs.

LocalVox empowers local multi-location brands, franchises and local businesses to easily and efficiently develop, manage and publish relevant content and information to all vital digital touch-points including online directories, mobile apps, local publishers, local social media, maps, email lists, and clients' websites. Doing so increases local organic SEO, local brand/store awareness, and most importantly drives traffic into stores. Now, multi-location and franchise clients are empowered to designate publishing controls at any level of the organization and exercise much more control over their brand and track performance across all these channels from the brand level to an individual location.

"Multi-location businesses do a great job at the national level of driving traffic to the company's homepage, but have done a poor job of driving traffic to their local outlets. Not because they do not want to drive people to their local, but because they lack the tools to manage the localization of content," said David Pachter, CEO and co-founder, LocalVox. "The LocalVox offering takes national messages and makes them hyper local and actionable. We take online interactions with brands and convert them into foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores. This brings measurable value and rings the register for our clients."

The new capability allows companies to:

    --  Customize their local online footprint from one central command center. 
        This gives companies more control than ever over their online brand.
        With one-click, companies can communicate "one to many" with a
        hyper-local message.
    --  Empower locations to manage their own digital footprint.  No one knows
        the community and what resonates with customers better than the people
        on the ground managing location, so why not give them the ability
        translate that into in-store traffic?  LocalVox offers the back-end
        support of a national marketing platform with the flexibility to
        customize as needed.

National brands and regional retailers are looking to make an impact at the local level. And they understand that advertising alone can't accomplish what they need. Forty percent of all Google searches are to find out local information with 60 percent of those searches conducted on mobile devices. Further, 87 percent of people either call or visit the location within a day of searching on their mobile device. If brands neglect the local audience, their bottom line will suffer.

"Bigger retailers don't want to be an arm's length away from their customers," said Trevor Sumner, founder and president, LocalVox. "So much of online advertising money is dedicated to less efficient pay-per-click models. By taking a more holistic marketing approach and getting measurable returns on that investment, we simply deliver better results than PPC advertising, allowing companies to shift from advertising to content marketing."

One such retailer using LocalVox is The Little Gym, an experiential learning center for kids ages four months-12 years with more than 200 locations in the United States. Franchisee Jeff Freeman needed a way to reach new customers as kids got older and aged out of the center while at the same time, keep class sizes filled up with existing customers. He found that his pay-per click advertising spend was getting him very little return and he found it difficult to manage the messaging across different locations. His directory listings were inaccurate and his Google rankings abysmal.

Mr. Freeman engaged with LocalVox and in less than a year, each location engaged more than 1,000 potential new clients, has been optimized on over 1,000 directory pages, increased its Facebook following by 381 percent, and perhaps most importantly, The Little Gym now has 246 front page Google rankings, including ranking #1 for key terms like "playspaces," "dance classes," "gyms," and "kids camp."

"Before LocalVox, I didn't realize how much more I could do with my advertising budget and set myself up for longer term success. Even with call tracking software, the business impact was unclear to me. With LocalVox, I can see who's engaging with my content, see my locations on the front page of Google and see my customer base, and consequently class size, growing. It's that simple," said Jeff Freeman, The Little Gym Franchisee.

About LocalVox

LocalVox is an online marketing platform solution that allows businesses to easily and efficiently manage and publish native content to every local digital touch point. LocalVox is based in New York City with offices in Boston and Charlotte, and has been named the third hottest startup in NYC by Business Insider and the best high tech tool for new business entrepreneurs by Good Day New York. Check out the LocalVox blog, Facebook and Twitter for more news and insight.

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