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UberConference Expands Document Sharing through Dropbox

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, UberConference announced the integration of Dropbox, further expanding its in-conference document sharing capabilities. Now UberConference users can share any document in a Dropbox account with everyone on the call.


Participants on an UberConference call can share a Dropbox document by clicking the "Share Files" button in the UberConference dashboard. Once they choose a file from Dropbox to share, it appears in the conferencing window where everybody can access it. When the meeting is over, links to the shared files are sent to all participants in the UberConference Call Summary.

"Dropbox has changed the landscape of document sharing for over 200 million people, and we wanted to make it easy for UberConference users to share their Dropbox documents," said UberConference CEO and co-founder, Craig Walker. "Both UberConference and Dropbox let you take your office anywhere, so this integration makes collaborating that much more seamless."

The Dropbox integration adds to UberConference's extensive document sharing capabilities through Google Drive, Box and Evernote.

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