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700 for Science Announces Picks for 2014 Portfolio700

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AUSTIN, Texas -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- 700 for Science, a global nonprofit organization comprised of scientists, industry leaders and investors in early-stage biotech and clean technologies with potential far-reaching social impact, today announced the companies selected for its 2014 Portfolio700 – Bioneedle Technologies Group, GreenSpense, p53-Therapeutics and Reflexion Pharmaceuticals.

Portfolio700 identifies some of the most promising innovations emerging worldwide and showcases them in an investor-friendly format to help young companies reach a wider audience of commercialization experts and potential industry partners,” said Catarina Wylie, co-founder of 700 for Science. “Our goal is to open doors and make useful introductions for entrepreneurs and the startups they’ve launched.”

This year’s picks:

Bioneedle Technologies Group – Vaccinations are widely considered the best, cheapest and most effective way to protect against a growing list of infectious diseases. But ambitious vaccine programs are currently hampered by an outmoded delivery system. The Bioneedle vaccine-delivery platform offers an innovative solution for developing countries and a rapid-response mechanism to address worldwide public health emergencies.

GreenSpense – Convenient as they are, aerosol cans are hazardous to the environment because they rely on volatile organic compounds to propel a product from the canister. VOCs contribute to air pollution and are a factor in climate change. Aerosols are also expensive to produce, often dangerous to ship and store, and put a crimp in creative packaging options. The GreenSpense eco-sleeve is a smarter, cheaper, eco-friendly solution.

p53-Therapeutics – The p53 gene is known as the guardian of the genome. It’s one of the body’s critical damage-control genes, repairing cells when possible, telling them to self-destruct when things are beyond repair. When something goes wrong here, cancer cells can grow at will. p53-Therapeutics is developing customized chemotherapies to restore the enforcer function of the p53 gene.

Reflexion Pharmaceuticals – Every protein molecule in the body is left-handed, which has profoundly shaped the way drugs are developed. The innovation? Protein therapeutics created from mirror images of naturally occurring proteins. Known as D-proteins, these mirror-image proteins can zero in on targets because they are 20 times smaller than the body's natural proteins. They also virtually eliminate toxic side effects and can be administered in whatever form needed to best treat a specific disease – small volume/high concentration injections, sustained release, inhalants.

“These highly creative companies have been selected by the 700 for Science member network, a bottom-up support system for innovative projects and technologies,” said Wylie. “We want to draw attention to their efforts in hopes of helping them reach their next critical milestones.”

About 700 for Science

700 for Science is an elite group of professionals involved in the research, development and commercialization of biotech and clean technologies. Members are invited to join the global organization based on professional expertise and a demonstrated willingness to further the nonprofit’s mission of advancing bold projects with inherent social value. Collectively, the group forms a bottom-up support system by providing market insights, making useful introductions and supplying practical how to information. For more information visit 700 for Science. You can also follow 700 for Science news on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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