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iMDsoft Presents Unique Data Management Capabilities for Neonatal ICUs

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NEEDHAM, Mass. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- iMDsoft® is committed to providing solutions that ensure the best possible neonatal care. MetaVision® for NICUs, an advanced point-of-care clinical information system, includes specialized functionality designed to improve outcomes in neonatal intensive care units. The solution will be presented at Cool Topics in Neonatology in California, February 28th through March 2nd.

NICUs present an especially challenging environment, where variations in micro-calculations and dosages can have serious ramifications. MetaVision fully supports the unique workflows of high-need, data-rich neonatal ICUs. The system automatically creates complete electronic medical records, arming healthcare professionals with timely, accurate, and actionable information. MetaVision seamlessly integrates data from bedside devices, including IV pumps, hemodynamic monitors, ECMO and incubators, to create a continuous electronic record for NICUs and step-down nursery units. Clinicians can produce configurable patient stay summaries for hand-off within the NICU, transfer, or discharge.

Tailored functionalities include support for drug and fluid micro-dosages, automated fluid balance, and precise nutrition calculations. MetaVision provides unique views that present multiple data points in one place, helping clinicians choose the best course of care. Advanced decision support tools provide notifications at the point of care, increasing adherence to protocols for critical events such as identification for transport and therapeutic cooling. The system’s flexibility enables clinicians to configure the data in order to support emerging standards without depending on iMDsoft for development. MetaVision’s comprehensive data collection capability supports initiatives like CPQCC (California Perinatal Quality Care Collaborative) and PQIP (Program Quality Improvement Process). The system streamlines recording of ICD 10 diagnoses and CPT data.

“We are proud to offer the support needed for this critical environment, where precision is so important,” said David Sides, CEO of iMDsoft. “With over 15 of experience working with high acuity environments, delivering simple solutions for complex care is our field of expertise.”

About iMDsoft

iMDsoft is a leading provider of Clinical Information Systems for critical, perioperative, and acute care environments. The company's flagship family of solutions, the MetaVision Suite, was first implemented in 1999. It captures, documents, analyzes, reports and stores the vast amount of patient-related data generated in a hospital. Organizations worldwide use MetaVision to improve care quality, enhance financial results, support research and promote compliance with government, payor, and hospital protocols. To learn more about iMDsoft, visit

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