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Cloud Adoption Tops List of 2014 IT Trends in CompuCom Poll of IT Professionals

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DALLAS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- CompuCom, a leading technology infrastructure services company, today announced the results of its recent website poll, revealing that 49 percent of IT professionals surveyed identify cloud adoption as the top IT trend for 2014 – and that cost reductions (32 percent) and accessibility to technology with less friction (31 percent) will be the biggest drivers of cloud technology.

The poll collected 683 responses from IT professionals across multiple industries from January 1, 2014 through February 25, 2014.

On-demand delivery of IT services via the cloud have been available for several years, but limited understanding about options, costs and benefits have stalled wholesale implementation. Over time, companies have recognized that cloud services provide scalability, high availability and performance that are worth the challenges of implementation. Most industry analysts call for billion-dollar growth in cloud service adoption during 2014.

According to CompuCom Chief Technology Officer Sam Gross, “Cloud computing is a natural evolution of IT service delivery, and today, every provider of enterprise services or hardware is by necessity a cloud services provider. Even with huge IT initiatives in mobility, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Big Data, we are not surprised that nearly half of respondents said cloud adoption, more than all other options combined, would be the biggest trend this year.”

Respondents to CompuCom's poll were asked, “What will be the biggest IT trend for 2014?”

Cloud adoption – 49%
Mobility – 16%
BYOD/consumerization of IT – 14%
Big Data strategy – 10%
Role-based IT support – 7%
Digital/e-commerce strategy – 4%

Gross added, “The poll also found that the biggest drivers of cloud technology will be the same factors that characterize most mainstream technologies. Companies want products and services that deliver ease of access, reduced costs, scalability and agility, and they see that cloud solutions provide these benefits. We agree that 2014 will be a cloud-centric year.”

Respondents were asked, “What will be the biggest driver of adoption for Cloud solutions in 2014?”

Cost reductions and predictability – 32%
Accessibility to technology with less friction – 31%
Scalability to meet resource demands – 22%
Agility to meet changing requirements – 15%

CompuCom is helping many of the largest companies in the world to deploy, secure and manage the technical infrastructure and applications that their organizations require, including cloud services that improve speed, agility and flexible capacity.

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