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Mesa Pharmacy prescription orders for February exceed $7.4 million. Sales continue to increase in line with expectations.

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PALO ALTO, CA, March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - The PAWS Pet Company, Inc. (OTCQB:PAWS), is pleased to announce that revised February orders at its Mesa Pharmacy, Inc. (Mesa) subsidiary generated gross revenues, excluding allowances for returns and discounts, exceeding $7.4 Million Dollars. Prescription orders for transdermal topical pain medications continue to rise.

Additionally, the Company has paid in full the only short-term convertible note that was negotiated with Asher Enterprises, Inc. in 2013. The Company has settled all of its outstanding 14% Convertible Debentures and intends to settle all remaining 8% Debentures in the very near future.

In other news, the Company anticipates bringing on a new line of business in the form of genetic testing. The Company anticipates significant revenues from this new and exciting line of business if negotiations can be concluded successfully. The Company will update shareholders as events warrant.

Finally, work continues on the upcoming name change to Praxsyn Corporation. The Company expects to complete the process in the very near future.

About The PAWS Pet Company, Inc.

The PAWS Pet Company, Inc. is undergoing a transition from the pet space to the pharmaceutical space. This exciting transition strategy has been developed to take advantage of the changes underway in traditional medical services. PAWS believes that great opportunities exist in pharmaceuticals and how they are delivered to the public.

About Mesa Pharmacy, Inc.

Mesa focuses on providing custom compounded non-narcotic, transdermal topical pain medications that are marketed to industrial health physicians and clinics. Mesa compounds a series of topical prescription medications, in different strengths, that provide the pain relief doctors seek and that have a very low propensity for addiction. As a result, physicians and insurers need not worry about treating an injured worker and winding up having to treat that worker's potential addiction to pain killing narcotics.

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