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International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society Names 2014 Officers and Board of Governors

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LOS ANGELES -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society today announced its 2014-2015 officers and board of governors.

Mike DeValue, Director of Advanced Technology at The Walt Disney Studios, and Tom Cosgrove, President and CEO of 3net and 3net Studios, will serve as co-chairs. Kappei Morishita, Vice President and General Manager at Panasonic Hollywood Labs (PHL), will serve as the Society’s vice chairman. Jim Mainard, Head of Production Development, Digital Strategy and New Business Development at DreamWorks Animation (DWA); Buzz Hays, Founder of True Image Company; Dan Schinasi, Senior Marketing Manager for TV Product Planning at Samsung Electronics America; and 3D inventor/filmmaker Lenny Lipton were elected to serve on the Executive Committee. Society President Jim Chabin and Pat Dunn President of accounting firm Dunn & Pariser will also serve on the Executive Committee.

“Artistically and technically, 3D has become established and continues to attract audiences worldwide,” said Society co-chairman Mike DeValue, Director of Advanced Technology at The Walt Disney Studios. “But advancements in capture, conversion, high dynamic range, laser projection, and even in immersive audio will allow the Society’s members to push 3D and movie making to even higher levels of quality,” he added.

“New UHD technology is advancing rapidly, bringing with it a host of both challenges and opportunities for our industry,” stated Society co-chairman Tom Cosgrove, President and CEO of 3net and 3net Studios. “The Society is unique in that it convenes the leading content creators, technology companies and delivery platforms to chart the course forward and drive evolution,” Cosgrove added.

Elected as governors were Grant Anderson of Creative Monster Productions, Paul Becker of Gener8, cinematographer Matt Blute, Chuck Comisky of Chromium Labs 3D, Doug Davis of BitSpeed, William Foote of Samsung Electronics, Ron Geller of Dolby Labs, Thierry Henkinet of Volfoni, Matt Liszt of MasterImage 3D, Namit Malhotra of Prime Focus World, Ingo Nadler of 3doo, Barry Sandrew of Legend 3D, Steve Schklair of 3ality Technica, William Sherak of StereoD, Lisa Truitt of National Geographic Cinema Ventures, Corey Turner of Paramount Pictures, Mark Turner of Dolby Labs, and Bob Whitehill of Pixar.

“3D movies and premium content formats continue to be a strong part of the entertainment industry’s business plan. In 2013 alone, 16 of the top 20 highest grossing worldwide box office movies were 3D feature films. And over the last 5 years, 11 3D movies have been honored with a remarkable 30 Academy Awards,” stated Society President Jim Chabin. “With professional members in the US, China, Japan, Canada, the UK, and the EU, the Society is truly at the intersection where movies, television, games, and media will build their futures as premium consumer experiences. Our board brings together the world’s best experts on the media of tomorrow. They help insure that we will maximize the return on all of our investments in content and digital technology,” said Chabin.

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