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CloudEndure Eliminates Downtime in the Cloud with First Cloud-Centric Disaster Recovery Solution

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CloudEndure, provider of real-time replication and recovery of cloud-based applications, today announced the availability of the public beta version of its disaster recovery solution. CloudEndure's disaster recovery technology supports business continuity by creating, on demand, a fully functioning up-to-the-second copy of cloud-based applications in an alternate cloud location. By creating an exact replica of the entire application stack, complete with the latest storage, services and configuration data, CloudEndure makes downtime in the cloud --for the first time ever--nonexistent.

In April of 2013, CloudEndure secured $5.2 million in funding in a round led by venture capital firm Magma, in conjunction with Tamar Technology Ventures and Teramips Technologies Ltd. Since launching in private beta mode last year, CloudEndure has grown its customer portfolio while expanding its team in Tel Aviv, Israel and the United States.

"CloudEndure has cut back on the amount of time my team spends on backups by 90%," said Oren Yagev, CTO of OneHourTranslation. "Automated Cloud Disaster Recovery is crucial to guarantee that our time-sensitive business continue to work 24/7 for our customers. CloudEndure helps us achieve that in less time."

In a crisis, without CloudEndure, a company might spend hours or even days restoring its cloud application from backup to its state prior to the disaster. CloudEndure creates an initial copy of the entire application stack at an alternate cloud region. After this initial sync, changes are mirrored to the alternate region in real time. In an actual downtime crisis, a single click on "Failover" recreates your entire application stack in the alternate region within minutes. Unlike snapshots or backup solutions, CloudEndure offers continuous replication in real time and automated recovery, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal loss of data.

"Across all industries, businesses are experiencing downtime in the cloud, directly affecting their revenues and reputation," said Ofer Gadish, CEO of CloudEndure. "CloudEndure's continuous replication solution prevents the downtime threat by continuously copying data to a secondary location. At a time when 54% of organizations say they've experienced at least one unplanned outage in the last 3 months, having a disaster recovery solution in place is imperative."

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CloudEndure solves the problem of downtime in the cloud, using continuous replication of the entire cloud application stack for small, midsized, and enterprise organizations. Founded in 2012, CloudEndure's Disaster Recovery (DR) technology creates an exact copy of the entire application at a second location - at a touch of button, within minutes, and with the latest data. Unlike snapshots or backup solutions, CloudEndure offers continuous replication in real time and automated recovery, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal data loss. CloudEndure has received $5.2 million to date, in a funding round led by venture capital firm Magma. For more information, visit

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