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GroupHigh to Host the Outreach Marketing Summit and Bring Together Thought Leaders in the Marketing and Public Relations Industry

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BOULDER, Colo. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- GroupHigh is hosting an all-day online conference that will feature a series of presentations from 30 of the digital marketing industry’s most successful and innovative thought leaders.

Throughout the day all aspects of influencer marketing, brand advocacy and authentic brand coverage will be dissected and attendees will gather plenty of insight to apply to their own strategy.

The event will stream on April 8th from 10am until 6pm EDT. Presentations will be archived for one year so attendees can register and view the presentations later.

"If you attend the event you'll receive both your bachelor's and your master's on social media marketing in only one day as taught by all the best teachers and practitioners available in social media," says Chris Abraham, Principal Consultant at Gerris Digital and one of the many speakers at the conference.

The conference is free for attendees and features speakers such as Stephanie Scott from American Airlines, David Meerman Scott from FreshSpot, Bryan Kramer from PureMatter and Laura Fitton from Hubspot.

The virtual conference model is gaining traction as it can be viewed from anywhere and attendees don’t have to pay travel or even attendance costs.

Attendees will be exposed to cutting edge strategies presented in the forms of case studies and actionable best practices that can be applied to any brand or industry.

To register visit grouphigh.com/summit or for detailed information contact kmatthews@grouphigh.com.

About GroupHigh

Offering a software-as-a-service marketing application that allows public relations and marketing teams to build, evaluate and manage relationships, GroupHigh has a growing client base of more than 400 organizations ranging from small marketing and public relations agencies to divisions of large enterprise organizations.

GroupHigh features robust web and social data empowering marketers with blog and social search, relationship ranking and scoring, and earned post tracking to generate more word of mouth buzz, increase public trust, and empower your biggest advocates.

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