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Leading Advertising Fraud Detection Company Rebrands as Forensiq

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NEW YORK, March 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Forensiq, a leading fraud detection solution for the online advertising industry, announced today the launch and rollout of its new corporate identity and website. The rebrand of the award-winning company CPA Detective as Forensiq highlights the company's expanded service offerings and commitment to fighting online advertising fraud.

"When I founded CPA Detective, we were the first real-time fraud detection solution specifically designed for the performance marketing industry," said David Sendroff, Founder and President of Forensiq. "As the online advertising industry grew and as fraud evolved, so did our company. Our rebrand as Forensiq better reflects our suite of offerings, and highlights our commitment to fighting online ad fraud everywhere."

Digital advertising has grown to a $40 Billion market, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). This growth has spurred fraudulent activity, especially in terms of non-human web traffic, which, according to Incapsula, accounted for 60 percent of all US web traffic, a 10 percent increase from 2012 to 2013.

Forensiq offers effective, easy to implement ways to combat affiliate, click, conversion and impression fraud and thwart cookie stuffing. In addition, the firm just announced an innovative ad viewability service. Before campaigns, Forensiq aggregates data and IP reputation within 10 milliseconds to allow clients to make informed buy/don't buy decisions. During the campaign, the firm captures the digital forensics of each visitor's device and provides insights into questionable sources so users can make real-time adjustments. At any time, clients can access Forensiq's real-time interface and view actionable statistics and reason codes to adjust their media buying strategy.

With its obsessive team of data scientists as well as cost effective and easy to implement solutions, Forensiq serves a host of companies of all sizes throughout the online advertising and e-commerce industries including: Conversant, Groupon, Green Dot, LendingTree and Publishers Clearing House.

"The web is driven by online advertising," said Sendroff, "However, for the web to thrive, online advertisers and marketers need to get what they pay for - to reach real people and get real results. If you're buying impressions, leads, clicks or affiliate referrals, what you get should be fraud free, that's what Forensiq offers."

Forensiq, which is based in New York City and has an office in San Francisco, employs about 20 people. The company won the 2014 LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Best-In-Class Fraud Detection and the 2013 LeadsCouncil LEADER Award for Innovation. For more information about Forensiq, visit www.Forensiq.com.

About Forensiq
Forensiq, formerly CPA Detective, is an innovative company that has developed a series of effective, easy to implement solutions that combat affiliate, click, conversion and impression fraud, as well as cookie stuffing. In addition, Forensiq provides an ad viewability product that ensures that ads are actually seen. The firm combines the latest technology and a dedicated staff of obsessed fraud fighters to help its clients stay ahead of the bad guys and achieve a better ROI. Forensiq is headquartered in New York City and has an office in San Francisco.

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