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Gene Codes Corporation Reveals New Sequencher 5.2 at the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) Conference

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Gene Codes Corporation announces the release of Sequencher 5.2 at the ABRF 2014 Annual Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This latest release of Sequencher, which has been the leading DNA sequencing software for over 25 years, continues to expand the flexibility of the program for researchers analyzing Sanger or NGS DNA data.

One of the major additions to Sequencher 5.2 is Sequencher Connections, which is designed to increase the program’s ability to respond to the ever-changing needs of researchers. Jason Moll, Ph.D. and Client Support Specialist at Gene Codes said, “Sequencher Connections is a powerful tool that represents a new vision for analyzing sequence data. Connections increases the flexibility of analysis by integrating Sequencher with third-party tools. The ability to run multiple instances of the same analysis tool in parallel can greatly increase data flow.” Users can run BLAST searches on multiple sequences in multiple databases simultaneously and then compare the results with the Sequencher Connections Schematic. Sequencher Connections also features primer selection with Primer BLAST searches and the construction of phylogenetic trees from MUSCLE alignments.

With Sequencher 5.2, the BWA algorithm has joined a lineup which features the alignment algorithms GSNAP and Maq and the de novo assembly tool Velvet. Moll said, “Sequencher provides an intuitive interface which allows users to avoid the command line. The integration of these tools with the program enables the use of Sequencher’s editing and reporting features.” Sequencher also allows users to use Multiplex ID barcodes to look at a mixture of samples in a single run.

Gene Codes has expanded the available licensing options for Sequencher 5.2. “With this release, we have the full complement of licensing options, so that every user can have the type of licensing that best meet their needs,” said Catherine Murray, Gene Codes’ Marketing Manager.

Users of both network and standalone licenses now have the choice of using a USB key or going “dongle-less”.

“As with previous upgrades to Sequencher, the latest features and improvements have arisen from talking to users. These innovations reflect our aim to provide researchers with the tools they need to get results,” said Murray.

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Gene Codes Corporation is an international bioinformatics software firm. Gene Codes is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with additional offices in New York City and Brighton, England. Gene Codes’ flagship software is Sequencher. Gene Codes' success is built on customer-driven product development, combining the latest programming techniques, rigorous quality control, and an open dialogue with customers to produce products of the utmost usability and industry relevance.

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ABRF is a unique membership association comprised of over 700 scientists working in resource and research biotechnology laboratories. Membership represents over 340 administrative units and core laboratories in government, academia, industry and commercial settings. The organization promotes the education and career advancement of scientists through conferences, a quarterly journal, publication of research group studies and conference travel awards. More information can be found online at

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