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North Coast Medical Acquires ActivaTek, Inc.

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GILROY, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- North Coast Medical, Inc., a manufacturer and global supplier of physical rehabilitation medical products, today announced the acquisition of Salt Lake City, Utah-based ActivaTek, Inc., a privately held manufacturer of transdermal iontophoretic devices. Iontophoresis is the method of delivering very small doses of anti-inflammatory drugs through the skin to a targeted area of the body with use of low-voltage current. Charged molecules of medication penetrate through the skin to underlying tissues via wired or wireless skin patches, eliminating the need for injecting a drug or ingesting a pill for drug delivery. Iontophoresis treatments are prescribed by physicians for anti-inflammation and pain management and are most often administered by Physical Therapists.

Since its inception in 2006, ActivaTek has continually brought innovation and advanced technologies to the Iontophoresis market. The ActivaPatch® is one such example. A wireless, self-contained, fully powered disposable patch, which functions as a complete delivery system for Iontophoresis. The ActivaPatch® has an onboard intelligent microprocessor that detects skin resistance before allowing the treatment to begin. It also memorizes treatment time if interrupted, and provides visual feedback for clinician and patient while in use with a LED light.

ActivaTek also manufactures the ActivaDose II, the most widely used, accurate and precise dose controller in the market today. The ActivaDose II houses a 9 volt battery, features precise dosing, visual and audible displays, and dual channels, allowing multiple in-clinic treatments with traditional, disposable wired Iontophoresis electrodes. ActivaTek’s combination of wired & wireless Iontophoresis technology offers physicians, patients and their Physical Therapists with unparalleled control of Iontophoresis drug delivery.

“This acquisition enables us to enhance the well-being of a greater number of rehabilitation patients and represents an exciting new source of growth for our business as well as our global distribution partners in the rehabilitation medical sector,” said Mark E. Biehl, CEO of North Coast Medical Inc.

“As we enter our fortieth year, the acquisition of ActivaTek continues our history of performance and innovation, providing us the opportunity to distribute best-in-class technology to more customers around the world,” said Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Applegate.

According to Jamal Yanaki, former President and CEO of ActivaTek, Inc., “North Coast Medical has substantial capabilities and resources to grow the existing Iontophoresis rehabilitation business to a much higher level, while we focus on our new venture, ActivaDerm, Inc., a separate company specializing in aesthetic Iontophoresis devices for the dermatological and cosmetic markets.”

About North Coast Medical, Inc.

For forty years, North Coast Medical, Inc., has manufactured, supplied and distributed a broad range of industry-leading product lines across a continuum of rehabilitation medical care. A leader in Occupational, Physical and Hand Therapy medical markets, North Coast services the needs of in-patient/out-patient hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, private practice, pharmacies, resellers and consumers.

Headquartered in Gilroy, CA, North Coast continually develops and tests new products in the areas of pain management, post-surgery recovery, sports medicine, evaluation and assistive devices. Leading products include Comfort Cool® and Progress™ orthotics lines; Touch Test® sensory evaluators & two-point discriminators; as well as the Norco™ and Achieva™ line of in-clinic and at-home wellness and recovery products.

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