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Accelera Innovations: Integrating and Improving Healthcare

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CHICAGO, March 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Providing your medical history repeatedly at different healthcare facilities soon will be a thing of the past--at least for patients at facilities operated by Accelera Innovations. This is just one of the ways that by vertically integrating healthcare services, Accelera Innovations seeks to improve efficiency with proprietary software platforms, while maintaining the highest level of care.

Illinois-based Accelera Innovations' patient-centric, cloud-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) facilitates real-time information sharing along the full continuum of care from hospitals, laboratories and long-term care facilities to insurance companies, accountable care organizations and provider service networks. The HIE provides:

    --  Case-specific advice to reduce risks
    --  Claims processing
    --  Electronic medical records
    --  E-prescriptions
    --  Patient portals
    --  Practice management
    --  Public health reports

The dual-encrypted platform is secure, immediately separating data if a breach occurs, and is designed to improve patient care, reduce costs, eliminate redundant data entry, and improve operational efficiency.


With an aging US population, home healthcare is expected to grow from $90 billion in revenue in 2012 to $130 billion in 2017. Under recent legal rulings, caregivers who are family members are no longer covered by insurance unless they are employed by a licensed home healthcare agency. Furthermore, Medicare cannot deny claims to patients who have no potential for improvement, while the Affordable Care Act penalizes hospitals for readmitting patients within 30 days of discharge, all of which are driving increased use of care facilities.


Accelera Innovations' strategy for growth is to purchase strategic healthcare businesses, including home healthcare, hospice, behavioral health, and senior care facilities. Accelera Innovations is in the process of acquiring:

    --  At Home Health Management, LLC & All Staffing Service (home healthcare)
    --  Behavioral Health Care Associates (treatment facility for substance
        abuse, eating disorders and mental health issues)
    --  Nine Skilled/Assisted Nursing facilities (1,697 beds)

All three companies have strong stand-alone merit with $210 million in revenue. The release of a Medicare license--delayed by a licensing moratorium in Chicago--will produce between 20% and 30% organic revenue growth, while vertical integration between the companies, additional acquisitions, application of system-wide processes, and expansion of services, such as tele-health, leads Accelera Innovations to forecast passing $1 billion in revenue within the next 3 to 5 years.

Management Team

Accelera Innovations' management team has extensive and diverse financial, sales, distribution, and revenue management experience in fields crucial to the company's continued growth, including healthcare, financial services, technology, and insurance.

"As a former pro hockey player and coach I understand the importance of creating a winning team," CEO John Wallin said recently. "Accelera Innovations was designed by winners who are driven to succeed and become a large cap company over the next few years."

Wallin has more than 30 years of financial experience, having held senior positions at Allstate Financial Services, GWG Advantage and American Insurance Marketing Corp.

A Key Partner

When Accelera Innovations sought a partner for an equity investment agreement in 2013, which involved purchasing up to $200,000,000 of stock, they selected Joe Lambert of Lambert Private Equity LLC. For more than 30 years, Joe Lambert has been a leading private equity investor working for major Wall Street money management firms, including Marty Zwieg's Avatar and Investco's National Asset Management. Lambert Private Equity LLC seeks capital appreciation through investing in companies around the globe that will be listed on a securities exchange within six months of a funding commitment.

"This new equity line facility gives us flexible and inexpensive access to capital to support our growth initiatives," Wallin said after the agreement was signed. "By demonstrating access to capital it allows us to be opportunistic in accessing additional capital to focus on the execution of our business plan, sending a clear and positive message to our potential clients and financial stakeholders."

Joe Lambert has been instrumental in Accelera Innovations' plans to go public on the NASDAQ, helping to introduce them to several key partners.

"The partnership Accelera Innovations has with Joe Lambert has been paramount to our vision," Wallin said recently. "Joe and his team have not only brought us the post IPO funding we needed, they also helped us source strategic partners, debt financing and acquisitions to enhance our shareholder value."

Besides his financial work, Joe Lambert of Lambert Private Equity LLC is also a philanthropist. He is the founder and executive producer of Teen Star, a high school singing competition, and works with a non-profit in Santa Ynez, providing due diligence in needy nations, such as Haiti, Honduras and Guatemala.

As the company prepares to be listed on the NASDAQ, Accelera Innovations' Chairman and Founder, Geoff Thompson, said, "As we look back on the level of talented people we brought onto our C-level team, as well as our strategic partners like Joe Lambert at Lambert Private Equity, we truly understood that Accelera Innovations will rise to become a dominant player in the healthcare services arena."

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