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New Service Provides Employees With Quick Affordable Legal Advice

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SEATTLE, March 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- When 34-year-old Seattle marketing executive Rani Khan wants to meet friends across town, she connects with a driver through Uber. For a recent weekend in upstate NY, she found the perfect backyard casita on Airbnb. So, naturally when she needed legal advice regarding a situation at work, Ms. Khan looked for the most innovative online way to get efficient and excellent legal service: what she found was an employment attorney from One Hour Employment Lawyer in just a few clicks.

One Hour Employment Lawyer (www.onehouremploymentlawyer.com), a service of HKM Employment Attorneys LLP, provides one-hour consultations with employment attorneys for $299, and gives anyone with an Internet connection quick and affordable access to an experienced employment attorney. Started by Dan Kalish, a 2001 Yale law grad and an employment attorney himself, One Hour Employment Lawyer was a response to the demand he saw for many individuals who needed a good attorney quickly on a discrete employment issue.

"In many ways, we're filling the employee-advocate role that 'human resources' or labor unions formerly provided: employees have a dilemma and need to know their options," says Mr. Kalish. "In my practice, I realized how hard it is nowadays to find instant, reliable, and affordable legal advice on employment issues. One Hour Employment Lawyer meets this need."

One Hour Employment Lawyer distinguishes itself from other online legal services in several ways. Unlike other companies, where any lawyer can sign up and start providing advice, One Hour Employment Lawyer chooses, vets, and recruits all of its attorneys to ensure they have the employment law experience, knowledge, and credentials to provide quality consultations. And different than other online legal services, which often requires the consumer to spend hours to sift through hundreds of attorney options and engage in several steps before obtaining legal advice, One Hour Employment Lawyer allows you to get assigned to an experienced employment lawyer licensed in your state in about a minute or less.

"There are very few instances where I do business the 'old-fashioned' way," says Ms. Khan. "I was so grateful to get the employment legal advice that I needed on my own terms."

"For most, the legal profession is a dinosaur trying to survive in a rapidly changing world," admits Mr. Kalish. "It's time to evolve. It's time to bring high-quality legal services to employees online and in a way that makes sense for them.

CONTACT: Dan Kalish, 1-206-826-5354, dkalish@onehouremploymentlawyer.com

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