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NexQloud: Cloud Security Platform for Managing DDoS and Cyber Threats

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CAMPBELL, Calif., March 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NexQloud ( today announced new features, bringing a whole new level of security and simplicity to its innovative DDoS mitigation and uptime management platform. Introduced four months ago with the industry's first Human Identification engine, NexQloud has been a huge boon to small businesses - protecting their websites from cyber threats while optimizing site performance. NexQloud is further enhancing its platform with multiple forward-thinking features, designed to address the rising need for security in a mobile-first world.

HTTPS Shield
Businesses concerned with security are increasingly adopting SSL to encrypt confidential information and website traffic. However, HTTPS websites are extremely vulnerable to DDoS attacks due to asymmetric resource consumption on servers. NexQloud solves this issue by identifying and inspecting SSL requests with its Human Identification engine. Requests originating from non-humans and malicious visitors will be rejected automatically - only benign requests from humans will pass through. NexQloud's HTTPS Shield provides websites (on standard and non-standard ports) with the ultimate cyber protection, without decreasing server performance.

Three protection modes will be available, allowing users to find the most appropriate solution for balancing security and performance.

Intelligent Traffic Manager
Many website owners face a common problem: slow speed. NexQloud's traffic manager dynamically delivers traffic to the fastest backend server - so websites load faster for visitors. Through live monitoring of web requests across servers based on response time and health status, NexQloud intelligently distributes traffic among servers.

Without the extra costs of additional hardware or routine maintenance, NexQloud's load balancing solution is the most extremely cost-effective method for increasing server capacity and optimizing resource utilization.

Industry's First iOS DDoS Portal
Every second counts when fighting against DDoS attacks. NexQloud's iOS app grants instant access to the NexQloud dashboard, anytime and anywhere. Alerts are pushed out in real time when an attack happens, allowing users to understand the nature and status of the incident. Created specifically for iOS devices, the app's user-friendly interface paints a complete picture of website traffic and page views for users.

NexQloud and its full array of protection and uptime management services are currently free for all users who join the Prerelease Program, which ends on April 3rd. Elastic pricing plans will be offered in both subscription-based and token-based models when the service becomes available to the general public. Users can also join NexQloud's startup program to experience the platform's SSL-enabled DDoS protection (up to 100Mbps) and uptime optimization - at no cost. Sign up now and be among the first to experience the future of uptime management!

About NexQloud
NexQloud is the world's newest and most user-friendly DDoS mitigation and uptime management platform. Powered by the world's first Human Identification engine, NexQloud offers fully automated DDoS protection with no software or hardware changes required. In addition to comprehensive volumetric and application DDoS mitigation, NexQloud champions the "Identifying the Human" approach, effectively addressing critical flaws in traditional mitigation systems. Botnets requests are automatically denied, ensuring only humans through. Human users with malicious intent are automatically rejected upon detection, while other users are queued before a flash crowd forms and slows down the website.

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