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CROnos Clinical Consulting to Launch E-learning Platform

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LAMBERTVILLE, N.J., March 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CROnos Clinical Consulting is launching an E-Learning and Mobile platform that will enable sponsors to most effectively and efficiently transmit clinical knowledge to sites and study teams.

To lead the new product offering, the Company and Mayra A. Villar have entered an agreement of collaboration. Ms. Villar is a rising star in the E-Learning and mobile learning fields and her experience will be pivotal in creating E-Learning courses, training videos and mobile learning applications.

"We are confident that our new E-Learning platform will provide our clients with an exceptional and innovative solution for their current training needs, they have shown strong interest in incorporating this type of solution," said Guillermo Di Clemente, President and Founder, CROnos. "Mayra brings outstanding experience in the E-Learning space and is the perfect individual to lead the technology."

Ms. Villar holds an M.A. in Applied Linguistics (subfield Computer Assisted Language Learning) from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, in Argentina. She is also a multiple time ASTD's Published Author and a featured contributor writer for Learning Solutions Magazine from the eLearning Guild. She has consulted for the United Nations and is a Certified Head Reviewer at epprobate, the first international quality label for eLearning courseware.

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CROnos Clinical Consulting Service is a global provider of centralized risk-based data monitoring and data visualization solutions for neuroscience clinical trials. Our clients achieve high impact results from our proprietary technology, proven processes and scientific expertise to assess and confirm the credibility as well as accuracy of data necessary for approval and labeling of pharmaceutical products. For more information, please visit www.cronosccs.com.

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