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Star Energy Partners(TM) Launches Fixed-Rate Online Contract Renewal Program to Benefit Customers

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AKRON, Ohio, April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Star Energy Partners LLC, a premier provider of electricity and energy related products and services, has announced that they have launched a simple online renewal program that will enable consumers to extend their price protection with a competitive fixed energy rate with ease.

This new online feature helps protect customers from rolling over into a month-to-month variable-rate when their fixed-rate contract expires, potentially saving them significant funds over the term of their contract.

Star Energy Partners' online contract renewal capability addresses recent variable-rate consumer warnings expressed by utility commissions in several other competitive markets. Under regulation in many competitive states, including Ohio, when customers do not actively renew into a new fixed-rate term contract before their existing fixed-rate term contract expires, customers revert to month-to-month variable rates.

By delivering this simplistic online solution, customers can now easily renew their 12 or 24 month energy contract anywhere, anytime by visiting Renewal by phone or mail is still available for customers who prefer those renewal methods.

"This online contract renewal capability is just one example of how we work to establish a long-term partnership with our customers. It further exemplifies that we have our customers' best interest in mind," said Tony C. Banks, Star Energy Partners' founder and CEO. "The biggest part of the reason we developed this simple, instant online renewal process was to protect customers from rolling over into more costly and unpredictable variable energy rates."

To further their position as an advocate for their customers, Star Energy Partners is also developing an Energy Cost Awareness Program (eCAP(TM)). This innovative savings-solutions platform aims to empower customers with the tools they need to reduce their energy consumption, ultimately reducing their energy expenses.

To learn more about eCAP(TM) benefits, please visit

About Star Energy Partners LLC

Star Energy Partners is a premiere provider of electricity and energy related products and services that help to lower costs for residential and commercial customers. By offering very competitive pricing and cost savings solutions, Star Energy Partners strives to measure success through the value and satisfaction experienced by its customers. More information about Star Energy Partners is available at

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