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Wallaby Launches First Chrome Extension to Provide Credit Card Recommendations for Online Transactions

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PASADENA, Calif., April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Wallaby, the leader in mobile and web-based credit card optimization solutions, today announced the launch of its Google Chrome web browser extension that expands Wallaby's market leadership position in credit card optimization solutions.

The Wallaby Chrome Extension is included in the roll out of Wallaby Version 3.0 for iPhone - the most significant update to the popular and award-winning mobile app since its launch in 2012. Through the extension, Wallaby users easily identify which of their credit cards they should use for online purchases at a wide selection of merchants including Amazon, eBay, Staples, and Best Buy.

The Wallaby Chrome extension is the first to offer optimization of credit card transactions directly from an Internet browser. As with its multi-platform apps and software, the extension provides consumers with simple access to Wallaby's proprietary credit card recommendation engine, algorithms, and database of credit card offers. Once the user has loaded the extension they can click the Wallaby icon in the Chrome browser bar to see which of their current cards they should use for an online transaction. The Wallaby Chrome extension then generates a real time recommendation including a thumbnail image of the suggested card as a visual cue.

In addition to the Chrome extension, Version 3.0 also provides consumers with more opportunities to extract optimal value out of their online and in-store credit card purchases. The update includes Wallaby's Boost credit card recommendation engine which gives consumers convenient access to new credit cards that are matched to their preferences and spending patterns. The consumer can then apply for the credit cards suggested by Wallaby Version 3.0 with a single tap. Wallaby is now ready for use overseas as well, and includes foreign exchange fee calculations in its optimization routine to help consumer shop smarter while traveling.

"Wherever people are using their credit cards, online or in-store, domestically or abroad, we want to give them an easy way to get more rewards and savings and avoid fees," said Matthew Goldman, Founder and CEO of Wallaby Financial. "The Google Chrome Extension is something our users have been asking for--it provides a convenient way for our users to buy with confidence online. Beyond just recommending a card, we also show users any promotions being run on that card with the merchant. This givers Wallaby users a complete view of their transaction options. The popularity of our flagship Wallaby App made it critical that we went beyond the incremental in adding substantial new features to Version 3.0."

In addition to the Wallaby Chrome Extension, and the new features offered in Version 3.0, Wallaby also released the results of its online shopping survey, covering 522 respondents from across the country:

    --  42% of respondents shop online to save time, more important than saving
        money or more selection, yet 63% of would prefer to spend three hours
        shopping online instead of shopping at the mall
    --  71% of respondents say is their favorite retailer
    --  After Amazon favorite retailers include eBay, Overstock and Etsy
    --  86% of respondents reported being members of Amazon Prime
    --  If you could only buy one thing, most people (24%) said it would be
        airplane tickets, followed by clothes and music.

The results of the online shopping survey have been compiled into a visually arresting infographic. You can download the infographic at

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Wallaby's unique solutions, including its iPhone, Android, Google Glass, and Pebble apps ensure that a consumer maximizes the rewards and cash back available from each purchase they make on their credit cards, while avoiding fees. This is achieved automatically using Wallaby's proprietary real-time algorithms and unparalleled credit card profile database. Wallaby makes it easier for consumers to take advantage of marketing offers from merchants & banks to optimize their spending even further. Payments and e-commerce companies can integrate Wallaby's credit card intelligence via the WASAPI partner API and white label program. For more information, please visit Stay connected with Wallaby on Facebook, on Twitter @wallabycard or on Google+.

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