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ProfNet Experts Available on Intellectual Property Theft, Synthetic Biology, More

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    --  Protecting Your Company From Infiltration and Theft
    --  The Science of Synthetic Biology
    --  Impact of Internet Privacy: At Home, When Travelling and in Times of


    --  Healthcare Reporter - Bloomberg News (NY)
    --  Staff Writer - NerdWallet.com (CA)
    --  Lifestyle/News Feature Reporter - St. Joseph News-Press (MO)


    --  Media 411: Avoid These Beginner Journalist Mistakes
    --  The Q&A Team: 15 Tips for Creating the Perfect Headline
    --  SPOTLIGHT: Mark Guarino, The Christian Science Monitor


Protecting Your Company From Infiltration and Theft
David Sun
Technical Investigator and President
SunBlock Systems, Inc.
"Every company believes they are doing their best to protect their resources from infiltration or theft. However, as cybercrime grows exponentially, it's no longer likely that it's a teenager depositing a crackling skull-and-crossbones into your network as a company wide screensaver. Your company is subject to intellectual property theft, sabotage, and social protest. How will you most likely discover you've been compromised? The first clue will be a phone call from the FBI. Learn what happens when your company must recover from an infiltration or IP theft."
Media Contact: Liora Farkovitz, marketing@sunblocksystems.com

The Science of Synthetic Biology
Andre O. Hudson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Rochester Institute of Technology
"Synthetic biology is not a new concept, but advances in genomic techniques make it more facile to do it now. It is an offshoot of biotechnology, which manipulates nature; synthetic biology is creating something new with a DNA tool kit. Synthetic biology artificially makes a biological system do something it normally wouldn't do. A lot of synthetic biology is geared toward making something useful, e.g., a plant genetically engineered to detect mercury in soil turns a specific color when contaminated. Once you can make a new chromosome, it's a big deal, a big step. It has a lot of structural detail to it. Once you have a chromosome, you can add more genetic information."
Website: http://people.rit.edu/aohsbi/
Media Contact: Susan Gawlowicz, smguns@rit.edu

Impact of Internet Privacy: At Home, When Travelling and in Times of Conflict
David Gorodyansky
CEO and Co-Founder
"Access to an open Internet in the face of conflict in areas such as Ukraine, Venezuela and, most recently, Turkey is paramount. However, unsecure Wi-Fi, hackers and security breaches aren't just a 'foreign' problem, but one that everyone should care about, especially in light of the most recent hacks/data breaches making the news in the U.S. Fortunately, there are certain methods everyone can employ to engage with their technology more safely and securely - and the safest way to do that is to employ a VPN such as Hotspot Shield. With governments, marketers and hackers wanting access to our online activity - and with more of our intimate lives accessible on our laptops and phones, it's paramount to not just think about, but actively protect our privacy."
As a 23 year old, David co-founded AnchorFree, the biggest online privacy company in the world, with the belief that all Internet users should be in control of their online privacy, particularly in parts of the world where freedom of speech is not always a given right. In roughly a decade, Moscow-born but Silicon Valley-raised Gorodyansky, recognizes the need for online privacy more than ever.
Website: http://www.anchorfree.com
Media Contact: Clare Sayas, clare.sayas@edelman.com


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    --  Healthcare Reporter - Bloomberg News (NY)
    --  Staff Writer - NerdWallet.com (CA)
    --  Lifestyle/News Feature Reporter - St. Joseph News-Press (MO)

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        byline has also run in Reuters, Salon, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago
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