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PrivacyGuard Survey Identifies Consumer Feelings Toward And Activities On Social Media Sites

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STAMFORD, Conn., April 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A recent survey commissioned by PrivacyGuard, a leading provider of credit reporting, credit score, and identity theft protection services, and performed by Survey Sampling International (SSI), looked at a wide variety of consumer behaviors on, and feelings toward, social media sites. Interestingly, while a majority of consumers acknowledged having trust issues with the companies running social media sites, these issues don't appear to have stopped consumers from creating accounts and logging on.

    --  While 64% of consumers have trust issues with social media companies,
        77% of those surveyed admitted having accounts on these types of sites
        (with 'Facebook' being the representative site used for the survey
    --  According to the survey results, while consumer trust had no impact in
        participating on Facebook, a person's age tended to be the most
        significant predictor of whether or not someone had a Facebook account.

          Consumer Age         Percent of Group on
          ------------          -------------------

             18-24                               95%
             -----                              ---

             25-34                               88%
             -----                              ---

             35-44                               82%
             -----                              ---

             45-54                               73%
             -----                              ---

             55-64                               70%
             -----                              ---

              65+                                62%
              ---                               ---

The survey also identified a large number of consumers who estimated that a majority of their Facebook "friends" were actually strangers.

    --  Approximately 20% of consumers who had Facebook accounts estimated they
        knew less than half of their Facebook "friends".
    --  Men were twice as likely to admit knowing less than half their "friends"
        than women were.

Identity thieves can typically strike with a limited amount of information. For example, someone's home address, birthday, phone number and e-mail address can, in many cases be enough for thieves to victimize a consumer. Much of this same information is also requested by social networks as people build their individual profiles.

"There are a multitude of reasons why consumers should show trepidation when it comes to sharing their personal information on sites like Facebook, and the survey points to a large number doing just that," said Vin Torcasio, Director of Product for PrivacyGuard. "However, because thieves can strike with just a bit of personal information, it's important to keep an eye on who we allow our 'friends' to be."

The online survey, performed by Survey Sampling International (SSI), was based on a panel of 1,000 respondents throughout the United States.

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