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FunMobility Reveals Retailers' Most Successful Mobile Marketing Strategies

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PLEASANTON, Calif., April 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A recent marketing program conducted by FunMobility in over two dozen hardware stores is providing valuable insights for businesses looking to leverage the speed and agility of mobile marketing. The program's results reveal some of the most effective and successful strategies retailers are currently using to build their loyalty databases, and show which types of offers are producing redemption rates that far exceed web or print promotion programs.

FunMobility is a mobile engagement platform that helps businesses target new customers, accelerate opt-in subscriptions, and influence purchase decisions. A cooperative of 27 independently-owned hardware stores employed its mobile marketing program that resulted in nearly 12,000 customers opting-in to receive offers via their smart phones.

    --  Stores with the highest opt-in rates utilized a variety of strategies to
        build their customer loyalty lists, including in-store signage and
        integrated promotions. One store added 900 subscribers in 2.5 months
        with a single self serve sign-up kiosk. Another grew their loyalty list
        600% in their 2nd month by instituting sign-up contests among their
        sales associates.
    --  The most popular promotions were high-value coupons that offered
        discounts towards making a large purchase, such as "$10 off a $50
        purchase," "$15 off $75," or "20% off any single item." These accounted
        for 97% of all redemptions.
    --  The stores' overall redemption rate for mobile promotions averaged
        14.45%, a significant improvement over web-based or print coupons, whose
        redemption rates hover between 1% and 11%.
    --  For a retail category that averages $20 per transaction, purchases
        generated by these offers increased average cart size to over $89.
        Additionally, with their expanded loyalty lists, these businesses now
        have the opportunity to remarket to these customers, generate future
        foot traffic, and give shoppers a reason to make large purchases with
        them instead of their big-box store competitors.

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FunMobility is a mobile engagement platform specializing in helping businesses use mobile to target new customers, influence consumer decisions through mobile engagement, and accelerate mobile opt-in subscriptions to drive customer acquisition. Established in 1999, FunMobility is privately held and headquartered in Pleasanton, California. More information is available at For Sales inquiries please call toll-free (855) 849-4900 or email

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