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Optimizely Expands Optimization Across Web and Mobile, Plus Launches Developer Platform at OptiCon

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Optimizely announced new offerings that empower customers to deliver optimized experiences to their visitors and turn data into action. At OptiCon 2014, the company's first customer conference, co-founders Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen unveiled the expansion of the Optimizely platform into mobile, a new developer platform, and a powerful, revamped results page. The company is also launching Optiverse, a dedicated space for all members of the optimization community to engage in an industry-first global forum.

Key Optimizely developments:

    --  Optimizely for iOS - Fast and scalable optimization for iOS apps, built
        on the same advanced platform chosen by more than 6,000 customers.
        Customers can push changes to their app and iterate daily without
        waiting for App Store review.
    --  Optimizely Developer Platform - A series of powerful APIs that will
        enable developers to build on top of Optimizely using code instead of
        the Optimizely visual editor, and accelerate customers' experiments. An
        integration partnership with BlueKai kicks off the program by allowing
        customers to create and build custom segments in Optimizely using
        BlueKai data for powerful targeting and reporting.
    --  Audiences - Customers have unlimited capabilities to save and reuse
        visitor targeting conditions to power advanced personalization
        campaigns. Supported by a completely revamped Results Page, customers
        can dig deeper into their experiment results to utilize visitor groups
        for targeting experiments in more advanced ways than ever before.
        Audiences unlocks visitor insights using both first party or third party
    --  Optiverse - The premier destination where optimization experts and
        novices can engage with industry peers, ask questions, get product
        support, expand their mastery of testing, and take their skills to the
        next level. Members of Optiverse can access online certifications,
        discussion forums, and educational content.
    --  Customer Certification - The Optimizely certification program allows
        individuals to showcase expertise with the Optimizely platform, advanced
        technical skills and knowledge of strategic web optimization.

"Optimizely catapults business growth by allowing teams to use data to quickly uncover what works and what doesn't," said Siroker. "At Optimizely, our job is to create a delightful platform for our customers so that they can deliver robust and personalized experiences to their audiences. Modern marketing calls for seamless experiences across every point of their business. With today's announcements, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible for Optimizely customers and partners building on our platform."

Today, more than 6,000 businesses around the world optimize their web experiences with Optimizely. Companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Warner Music Group, Stella & Dot, and Bleacher Report attended OptiCon to share strategies for navigating the changing marketing technology landscape. Keynotes addressed how audience data can radically reshape web and mobile experiences, forcing businesses to optimize for every point of contact with their customers. By building an ecosystem that engages partners and customers, and product innovations aimed at creating tremendous value, Optimizely strives to be at the core of every experience delivered online.

These new products, programs and services are currently being rolled out to customers and community members as part of Optimizely's core platform.

About OptiCon
#OptiCon2014 is the company's inaugural customer conference in San Francisco. The gathering features important updates from Optimizely and brings together practitioners of optimization across the web. This year's conference featured leaders from Bleacher Report, Warner Music Group,, Microsoft, and Facebook among many more.

About Optimizely
Optimizely is the world's leading optimization platform, providing A/B testing, multivariate testing, and personalization for websites and iOS applications. The platform's ease of use empowers organizations to conceive of and run experiments that help them make better data-driven decisions. With targeting and segmentation using powerful real-time data, Optimizely meets the diverse needs of any organization looking to deliver unique experiences to their audience. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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