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Domino’s Uses Procore to Manage New Restaurant Construction and Remodel Campaign

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CARPINTERIA, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Domino’s recently purchased Procore's cloud-based construction software to manage the construction of 10,000 new restaurants and remodel of more than 5,000 existing restaurants.

The company currently has active plans for 60 of the chain's nearly 5,000 stores in Procore, and they also plan to build 150 new restaurants a year and begin international development in Mexico, England, and India, totaling 10,000 international restaurants.

Procore is helping Domino's organize and automate all of their construction processes from submittals and RFIs to drawings and punch lists. Spokesman Chris Brandon said the company "doesn't have a timeline for the remodels to be complete," but with Procore’s help, they'll hopefully finish within four years.

Dubbed "pizza theater" by the Ann-Arbor, Michigan-based fast-food chain, Domino's plans to undergo a gigantic remodel. This includes redesigning their restaurants to reflect the growing carryout business. The first location with the new design is in the Chicago area.

Reece Arroyave, Domino's franchisee with four area locations, describes the design as "more inviting" and more conducive to interacting with customers.

Staff members now face outward while making pizzas. It’s like an assembly line where customers not only choose what toppings they want on their pizza, but also witness the creation process behind the scenes.

Making "theater" out of the tossing process is equivalent to saying, "This is what we've got, we're proud of it, we're standing behind it,” he says.

"It's a much more exciting experience," says Arroyave. "Customers can sit down, relax and watch their pizzas being made.”

When asked how Domino's likes Procore, John Vaccaro, Domino’s dedicated account manager says, “They love it! They really like being able to see all of their projects at a high-level in graphs and charts so they can evaluate their progress at a glance.”

In order to celebrate Domino’s remodeling process, the entire Procore family ordered 38 Domino's pizzas to feed 106 Procore employees for their weekly Wednesday lunch.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of this exciting journey and look forward to a lot more Domino’s lunches!” say Vaccaro.

In full support of their efforts, Vaccaro states, “Domino's is currently the second-largest pizza chain the U.S., behind Pizza Hut, and I want to help be a part of making them number one!”

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