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DH2i to Present, "When Clustering and Virtualization Aren't Enough: How to Create an Application Availability Framework"

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FORT COLLINS, Colo., April 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

    When/Where:         Saturday, April 26, 2014 - SQL Saturday #291(Chicago, IL),

    Room 117, 1:15 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

                        Saturday, May 3, 2014 - SQL Saturday #285 (Atlanta, GA),

    Room 3, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    Abstract:            DH2i's Carl Berglund, Director of Business Development, will present a talk entitled, "When Clustering and
                         Virtualization Aren't Enough: How to Create an Application Availability Framework."  This talk will first
                         explore why "infrastructure-up" approaches such as clustering and virtualization have solved some of the issues
                         around high availability (HA), but at same time raised new challenges, including rigid configuration rules and
                         restrictions, expensive software stacks and complex operational models.  Berglund will then discuss how SQL
                         Server professionals can focus on what matters most: the applications.  Whether or not an environment already
                         uses virtualization or clustering, Berglund will explain how to create an application availability framework
                         that provides heterogeneous instance mobility from anything to anything, anywhere - truly physical, virtual, OS
                         and Microsoft SQL Server version agnostic.  SQL Server professionals that are ready for a new approach to
                         assured availability should attend this session to learn how.

    Speaker Bio:         Carl Berglund, Director of Business Development for DH2i, is a senior technical business development leader with
                         over 20 years of experience helping customers implement complex enterprise infrastructures.  Prior to DH2i,
                         Berglund held senior business development roles at HP and PolyServe, where he was involved in numerous SQL
                         Server consolidation, virtualization and optimization projects.  As a virtualization evangelist, Berglund helps
                         customers reduce spend on overall SQL Server lifecycle costs, while reducing risk and maximizing infrastructure

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DH2i Company is the leading provider of server application virtualization solutions. Its software products enable a unified operational model that orchestrates SQL Server management, high availability (HA), and disaster recovery (DR) across heterogeneous physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid infrastructures. DH2i solutions provide individual instance mobility and policy-based monitoring, intelligently automating IT operations and maintaining required performance and availability SLAs. For further information, please visit the DH2i website:, call: 970-295-4505 or +44 20 3318 9204, or email:

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