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Haag-Streit USA and Sony Medical Bring 3D Visualization to the Surgical Suite

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MASON, Ohio -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Haag-Streit USA and Sony Medical will showcase Sony Electronics’ medical grade 3D video camera, video recorder, and displays with Haag-Streit USA’s line of surgical microscopes at the upcoming 2014 ASCRS Meeting in Boston, April 25-29.

The high-definition, medically compliant equipment is designed to enable surgeons and clinicians to capture, record and display 3D video in the operating room, providing the ability to share the procedure in 3D in both real time and for playback later.

“This equipment has been specifically designed for ophthalmology applications,” said Anne Bondulich, Surgery Marketing Manager for Sony Electronics. “Sony’s complete end-to-end 3D solution includes the MCC-3000MT camera that can be easily mounted on most surgical microscopes, and the new HVO-3000MT recorder designed to capture and record surgical footage in 3D. Together with the LMD-2451MT 24-inch display and the LMD-3251MT 32-inch display, this system is the ideal solution for recording and displaying surgical procedures in 3D.”

“Integration of the Sony 3D system onto the Haag-Streit microscope was designed so that it does not disrupt the setup, operation, or workflow of the microscope,” stated Mike Luley, Vice President of the Haag-Streit USA’s Surgical Division. “The anatomy is now visualized in stunning 3D and enhances the experience for surgeon training. Sony has been at the forefront of medical technology so when added with the Haag-Streit microscopes, it creates an unparalleled experience for the surgeon.”

More information is available at http://hs-sony.com.

About Haag-Streit

Headquartered in Bern, Switzerland, with its U.S. headquarters in Mason, Ohio, Haag-Streit manufactures optical instruments for ophthalmologists and optometrists. The company has a 150-year history, and for more than a half a century, the Haag-Streit slit lamp has been regarded as the standard instrument for ophthalmic diagnosis. For more information, visit www.haag-streit-usa.com.

About Sony

Sony Electronics Inc. has been a trusted source in providing superb quality 2D and 3D video solutions for a variety of medical applications. For more information about Sony’s Medical Systems Division, visit http://hs-sony.com.

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