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Varian Medical Systems Reports Results for Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2014

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PALO ALTO, Calif., April 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Varian Medical Systems (NYSE: VAR) today is reporting net earnings of $0.88 per diluted share in the second quarter of fiscal year 2014, including a $0.16 charge per diluted share related to a previously announced settlement of patent litigation. Varian's company-wide revenues totaled $779 million for the second quarter of fiscal year 2014, up 1 percent from the year-ago quarter. Varian ended the second quarter with a $2.8 billion backlog, up 2 percent from the end of the second quarter of fiscal year 2013.

"Gross orders rose strongly in our imaging components and proton businesses on top of mid-single-digit gains in Oncology Systems," said Dow R. Wilson, CEO of Varian Medical Systems. "Revenues came in slightly ahead of expectations versus a strong year-ago comparison, and our overall growth strategy remained on track."

The company finished the second quarter of fiscal year 2014 with $939 million in cash and cash equivalents and $469 million of debt. Cash flow from operations for the fiscal second quarter was $126 million. During the quarter, the company spent $159 million to repurchase approximately 2 million shares of its common stock.

Oncology Systems
Oncology Systems' second quarter revenues totaled $603 million, up 4 percent from the same quarter of fiscal year 2013. Second-quarter gross orders were $613 million, up 6 percent versus the year-ago quarter, with a 3 percent gain in North America and a 9 percent gain outside North America. Markets outside North America represented 58 percent of Oncology gross orders for the second quarter of fiscal year 2014.

"Gross orders rose versus the year-ago quarter in North America with the help of good service growth. New multi-year agreements with large hospital systems also contributed to gains in Oncology products and services," Wilson said. "International orders increased with particular strength in Latin America and Australia that offset softness in Asia. Initiatives to expand our radiosurgery business and stimulate replacement of aging Siemens units gained traction during the quarter."

Imaging Components
During the second quarter, the company consolidated its X-Ray Products and Security and Inspection Products businesses into a single Imaging Components segment to conform to an organizational change. Second quarter revenues for Imaging Components were $169 million, up 2 percent from the year-ago quarter. Imaging Components second quarter gross orders were $205 million, up 14 percent from the year-ago quarter. "Strong panel business drove order and revenue growth for Imaging Components, offsetting weakness in the security and tube businesses," Wilson said. (For comparison purposes, a quarterly breakout of the Imaging Components segment financials for fiscal years 2014, 2013 and 2012 is attached.)

The company's Other category, including the Varian Particle Therapy business and the Ginzton Technology Center, recorded second quarter revenues of $6 million versus $20 million in the year-ago quarter. Gross orders for the Other category were $60 million for the second quarter, up from less than $1 million in the year-ago quarter. The company recorded orders for proton installations at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in Ohio and at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. "This business gained good momentum during the quarter," Wilson said.

"The company is continuing to execute well, and our businesses remain on track to reach our fiscal year 2014 growth targets," said Wilson. "For the fiscal year, we continue to believe that total company revenues could increase by about six to eight percent over the prior fiscal year. We expect net earnings per diluted share for the fiscal year, including the $0.16 effect of the patent litigation settlement, to be in the range of $4.06 to $4.18. We expect total company revenues for the third quarter of fiscal year 2014 to increase in the range of five to six percent. We expect net earnings per diluted share for the third quarter to be in the range of $1.06 to $1.10."

Investor Conference Call
Varian Medical Systems is scheduled to conduct its second quarter fiscal year 2014 conference call at 2 p.m. PT today. To hear a live webcast or replay of the call, visit the investor relations page on the company's web site at where it will be archived for a year. To access the call via telephone, dial 1-877-869-3847 from inside the U.S. or 1-201-689-8261 from outside the U.S. The replay can be accessed by dialing 1-877-660-6853 from inside the U.S. or 1-201-612-7415 from outside the U.S. and entering confirmation code 13578961. The telephone replay will be available through 5 p.m. PT, Friday, April 25, 2014.

Varian Medical Systems, Inc., of Palo Alto, California, is the world's leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, and brachytherapy. The company supplies informatics software for managing comprehensive cancer clinics, radiotherapy centers and medical oncology practices. Varian is a premier supplier of tubes, digital detectors, and image processing software and workstations for X-ray imaging in medical, scientific, and industrial applications and also supplies high-energy X-ray devices for cargo screening and non-destructive testing applications. Varian Medical Systems employs approximately 6,500 people who are located at manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, and China and approximately 70 sales and support offices around the world. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter.

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     this news release contains
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     the meaning of the Private
     Securities Litigation Reform Act
     of 1995. Statements concerning
     industry outlook, including growth
     drivers; the company's future
     orders, revenues, backlog, or
     earnings growth; future financial
     results; market acceptance of or
     transition to new products or
     technology such as our Edge(TM)
     radiosurgery system, TrueBeam(TM)
     and radiographic flat panel
     detectors, image-guided radiation
     therapy, stereotactic
     radiosurgery, filmless X-rays,
     proton therapy, and security and
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     taxes on medical devices) and any
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     (including changes to Medicare and
     Medicaid), and/or changes in
     third-party reimbursement levels;
     currency exchange rates and tax
     rates; demand for the company's
     products; the company's ability to
     develop, commercialize, and deploy
     new products such as the TrueBeam
     platform; the company's ability to
     meet Food and Drug Administration
     (FDA) and other regulatory
     requirements for product
     clearances or to comply with FDA
     and other regulatory regulations
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     the company's particle therapy
     business; the effect of adverse
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     or limited demand by purchasers of
     certain X-ray products, including
     those located in Japan; the
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     because of new information, future
     events, or otherwise.

A summary of earnings and other financial information follows.


                        Q2 QTR          Q2 QTR            Q2 YTD          Q2 YTD

                          2014          2013 (1)            2014          2013 (1)


       orders                   $877.7             757.7         1,533.1           1,409.4

         Systems                 613.0             576.9         1,146.3           1,085.7

         Components              205.0             180.1           326.4             322.3

        Other                     59.7               0.7            60.4               1.4

       orders                    818.6             735.8         1,427.6           1,355.0

         Systems                 559.1             555.1         1,048.7           1,032.0

         Components              200.6             180.0           319.3             321.6

        Other                     58.9               0.7            59.6               1.4

       Backlog                 2,806.6           2,752.6         2,806.6           2,752.6

      Revenues                   778.5             768.4         1,490.0           1,446.8

         Systems                 603.1             581.8         1,144.5           1,106.1

         Components              169.0             166.4           330.2             316.4

        Other                      6.4              20.2            15.3              24.3

       revenues                  450.2             448.8           852.1             836.1

       margin                    328.3             319.6           637.9             610.7

         revenues                 42.2%             41.6%           42.8%             42.2%


         development              60.7              50.9           118.7              98.0

         administrative          115.0             113.0           224.6             219.5

         Settlement       25.1                -             25.1                -

       earnings                  127.5             155.7           269.5             293.2

         revenues                 16.4%             20.3%           18.1%             20.3%

       net                         0.6               0.6             1.0               1.3

       taxes                     128.1             156.3           270.5             294.5

       earnings                   35.4              43.5            79.8              86.4

       earnings                  $92.7             112.8           190.7             208.1

         revenues                 11.9%             14.7%           12.8%             14.4%

       basic                     $0.89              1.04            1.82              1.91

        diluted                   0.88              1.02            1.79              1.88


       basic                     104.2             108.8           105.0             109.0

       diluted                   105.4             110.7           106.4             110.9

                             Prior period
                             numbers have been
                             recast to conform
                             to the segment
        (1)                  reporting change.

                                                               Varian Medical Systems, Inc. and Subsidiaries

                                                                   Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets

    (In thousands)                                                                                           March 28,   September 27,

                                                                2014                                           2013  (1)



    Current assets

        Cash and cash equivalents                                                                              $938,997     $1,117,861

        Short-term investment                                                                                    79,444         62,700

        Accounts receivable, net                                                                                786,029        698,254

        Inventories                                                                                             561,194        535,223

        Deferred tax assets and other                                                                           312,640        290,745

    Total current assets                                                                                      2,678,304      2,704,783
                                                                                                              ---------      ---------

    Property, plant and equipment                                                                               750,109        715,991

        Accumulated depreciation and amortization                                                              (424,267)      (400,660)

    Property, plant and equipment, net                                                                          325,842        315,331
                                                                                                                -------        -------

    Goodwill                                                                                                    226,829        225,335

    Other assets                                                                                                244,863        223,025

    Total assets                                                                                             $3,475,838     $3,468,474
                                                                                                             ==========     ==========

    Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity

    Current liabilities

        Accounts payable                                                                                       $170,364       $194,272

        Accrued expenses                                                                                        370,525        320,884

        Deferred revenues                                                                                       418,247        389,479

        Advance payments from customers                                                                         169,905        160,644

        Product warranty                                                                                         49,445         39,050

       Current maturities of long-term debt                                                                      56,250         56,250
                                                                                                                 ------         ------

    Total current liabilities                                                                                 1,234,736      1,160,579

    Other long-term liabilities                                                                                 149,586        144,048

    Long-term debt                                                                                              412,500        450,000

    Total liabilities                                                                                         1,796,822      1,754,627
                                                                                                              ---------      ---------

    Stockholders' Equity

    Common stock                                                                                                104,019        106,491

    Capital in excess of par value                                                                              650,684        637,084

    Retained earnings and accumulated other comprehensive loss                                                  924,313        970,272

    Total stockholders' equity                                                                                1,679,016      1,713,847
                                                                                                              ---------      ---------

    Total liabilities and stockholders' equity                                                               $3,475,838     $3,468,474
                                                                                                             ==========     ==========

    (1)       The condensed consolidated
              balance sheet as of
              September 27, 2013 was
              derived from audited
              financial statements as
              of that date.

                                  Varian Medical Systems, Inc. and Subsidiaries

                                                Imaging Components


                                                                FY 2014

                       (In Millions)                      Q114     Q214                  FY 2014
                                                          ----     ----                  -------

    Gross Orders                                                  $121.4  205.0                    326.4

    Net Orders                                                     118.7  200.6                    319.3

    Revenues                                                       161.2  169.0                    330.2

    Gross Margin                                                   $66.6   70.2                    136.8

                                                          %         41.3   41.5                     41.4

    Operating Earnings                                             $40.7   42.2                     82.9

                                                                FY 2013

                       (In Millions)                        Q113   Q213   Q313  Q413     FY 2013
                                                          ----     ----   ----  ----     -------

    Gross Orders                                                  $142.2  180.1    144.6     201.3 668.2

    Net Orders                                                     141.6  180.0    143.1     201.2 665.9

    Revenues                                                       150.0  166.4    158.2     167.3 641.9

    Gross Margin                                                   $61.2   70.4     64.8      71.7 268.1

                                                          %         40.8   42.3     41.0      42.8  41.8

    Operating Earnings                                             $35.2   43.5     40.2      46.7 165.6

                                                                FY 2012

                       (In Millions)                      Q112     Q212   Q312  Q412     FY 2012
                                                          ----     ----   ----  ----     -------

    Gross Orders                                                  $120.9  174.6    126.5     174.4 596.4

    Net Orders                                                     120.5  174.5    126.2     174.3 595.5

    Revenues                                                       128.1  139.8    152.4     160.1 580.4

    Gross Margin                                                   $50.4   58.9     66.2      66.9 242.4

                                                          %         39.3   42.1     43.4      41.8  41.8

    Operating Earnings                                             $28.4   34.0     39.0      41.1 142.5


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