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Exciting New Weight Loss Challenge Emerges as Means to Motivate via Monetary Reward

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REXBURG, Idaho, April 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Targeting the tendency to slack off, lose focus or abandon drive and ambition, has officially opened to the public in an effort to curb the common quitter mentality in weight-loss-minded individuals. By emphasizing healthy, balanced weight loss and regular diet or exercise, entices its participants by offering monetary rewards obtained through minor registration fees for users. No matter the route taken, the goal is healthy weight loss.

With prizes reaching as high as seven thousand dollars for teams and four thousand dollars for individuals, participants of this newly founded program can achieve their desired goals in healthier living with the motivation to obtain the grand reward. As if being in top shape were not enough, one could snag that top prize and show off that fit body on a sunny Caribbean getaway, treating yourself to a new wardrobe, or simply buying that thing you've been envying for months. The possibilities are endless!

Many studies like those conducted by The Journal of the American Medical Association have found that rewards (especially monetary) improve results in weight loss and other related goals. agrees and knows this can make a big difference for people struggling to stay motivated with their weight loss goals.

Their hope is to make a positive impact on the epidemic that is excessive weight in America. Motivation through means of enticement is certainly one great approach. The CEO explains, "What we are hoping at, is to encourage healthy habits and offer a meaningful sum of money that could really help boost determination. We believe the thought of getting fit and being rewarded a large amount of money excites and entices. Come give it a shot and become the best YOU, you can become."

Sean Van Genderen

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